Not As Painted

It’s often said about the .dotmil that while amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.

And considering that the “caravan” of mopes moving through Mexico to El Norte The Promised Land has often been termed an invasion (which it is), let me point out that over at Sarah’s place, Bill Reader has been studying the logistics of said caravan.  Not to be a spoiler or anything, but the conclusion is simple:  they ain’t walking.  Bill’s details will supply you with ample ammunition — another military allusion — for any conversations you may have with scumbags of the no-border persuasion (provided you’re actually conversing with them and not kicking their asses, that is).


The caravan started in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Sources vary slightly on the exact day they set off, with Fox and USA Today saying the 12th, and Daily Mail saying the 13th. By October 23rd, according to USA Today, they were interviewing people passing through Huixtla, Mexico. We also know that the caravan didn’t take the very shortest route per GoogleMaps, because some of the places noted in the NBC photo-essay—Quezaltepeque, Guatamala, and Chiquimula, Guatemala—are on a slightly more southern route. All told the distance traveled in 12 days—and that’s being generous, counting from the 12th, counting the full day of both the 12th and the 23rd as travel days, and ignoring that the caravan seems to have stalled out for almost a full day when it hit the border starting on the 18th— was 471 miles. That’s a pace of nearly 40 miles a day.

And as Bill points out later, elite units of the .dotmil (SEALs, Rangers etc,) can only do 50 miles a day on tarred roads in perfect weather conditions.  Civilians with families?  Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

But here’s his best bit, in my opinion:

“But in recent days, officials from Mexico’s immigrant protection agency have organized rides for straggling women and children as a humanitarian effort. And police have routinely stood by as migrants piled aboard freight trucks.”

To which I will add only two other comments—while the story given here sounds plausible, isn’t it convenient that the women and children, depending on how far they get rides, could also be the first to arrive at the border, to be confronted by several Army divisions? I’m not alone in thinking this is the long game of this caravan. Sarah and I have talked at some length about this, and if it follows the history of communist organized protests everywhere (stay tuned!), we can expect a pregnant woman to be shot.  We’re calling her Maria De La Cruz, at present, as a convenient placeholder name until she presents herself.

Yup.  We’re already being shown pictures of wailing infants in the caravan, to start the knee-jerk charitable reaction of Americans when confronted with same.  I’m not taking bets on Some Pore Refugee Woman / Child getting shot or beaten — it’s a sucker bet.

This is also the same policy with Palestinians:  when it comes to conflict with an army, it’s women and children first.  “Human shields”, in other words, while the organizers sit in air-conditioned offices far away from the strife (e.g. Chicago — read Bill’s post for an explanation).

The best part, however, is that Maria De La Cruz probably won’t make it to the U.S. border before the mid-term elections on Tuesday — not unless she’s got a Ferrari to carry her the rest of the way.

Don’t bet against that, either.

Now, as for who is behind this caravan business, read Bill’s second article on the topic. (Spoiler:  Commie ratbastards.)


  1. Today’s news tells us that the ” caravan” stopped in Cordoba last night and voted on whether to head to Mexico City (not the most direct route to Southern Texas) or to continue north on the most direct route.
    They voted: Mexico City, and plan to cover that 175+/- miles in a day.
    As per Bill Reader’s research, USArmy SpecForces consider a good day on a forced march to be around 50 miles.
    This caravan, except for photo ops, ain’t walking.

  2. This thing, due to excellent South of the Border Logistics is turning into a typical goat sex event. It is hard to move people, especially on foot but even with here and there transport in a safe orderly manner, I think there were some presumptions about arranged bus travel to deliver these folks up to the border this past weekend and here they are getting ready to go to Mexico City in a day or two or three and this thing is not working out too well. Meanwhile back at the border there are a couple of thousand each day showing up trying to get across.

    A question, if we have US Military at the border and cannot engage in real conflict activities what will keep them from crossing over the border into Mexico where they are then repelling an invader force? Of course I am almost ready to restart the Mexican War of the 1840’s but an invasion wold require a very expensive occupation.

  3. There is no way the money for this is not coming from North of the border. It is commie rat bastards alright but US commie rat bastards. Soros said a couple of years ago, he was going to put $500M into “helping” migrants so that would be a good place to start looking.

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