Never Mind The Joke

So this asshole got some joke award for his charlatanry:

The man who published a widely-dismissed paper claiming the MMR vaccine could make children autistic has been ridiculed with an award for bad science. Andrew Wakefield, a former gastroenterologist who is now believed to be in a relationship with the model Elle Macpherson, has been awarded the ‘Rusty Razor’ award for pseudoscience by magazine The Skeptic.
Wakefield’s so-called research fueled the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement, by suggesting jabs could make children autistic, but his studies were fabricated.
Experts have called the paper, published in medical journal The Lancet in 1998, but retracted in 2010, ‘the most damaging medical hoax of the past 100 years’.

Never mind the Rusty Razor Award, someone should have used a rusty razor to cut this fucker’s head off.  Countless children have died and others fallen dangerously ill because of his “pseudo-scientific” study, and at least he should be in prison for life instead of dating a dim-bulb ex-supermodel.

I am not a vengeful man by nature, but if one day some bereaved parent were to shoot Wakefield in the face and I were in the jury at the parent’s trial, my vote would be an unshakable “Not Guilty”.


  1. My wife has a friend with a severely autistic son. She is a very intelligent lady with a master’s degree yet she is absolutely convinced that Wakefield is right. I guess that people have to blame some outside force for the mysteries and essential unfairness of life. The friend posts long diatrabes – mostly cut and pastes from anti vaxx web sites – about once a week pushing Wakefield’s gospel. I think it was Winston Churchill who said a fanatic is a person who won’t change their mind and won’t change the subject.

  2. Wakefield? I used to work at a hospital. They damn near came close to breaking their Hippocratic Oaths at the name.

  3. As it turns out, Kim, one need not travel far to put said lead faceward.

    Some retarded mutant cockwhistle gave this fuckstick former doctor a visa to live in the US. Where did this piece of excrement go?

    Why, Austin, of course! Yeah, fucker lives in Austin, Texas.

    Time for an eviction notice…. He can leave the hot piece of Aussie gash here…..

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