News Roundup

1)  “Sobbing vegan, 23, breaks into a slaughterhouse and chains herself next to a calf for animal rights protest” —  They should have spared the calf and slaughtered the vegan.

2)  “Sex robots BACKLASH as brothel workers reveal fury over ‘dehumanising and dangerous’ droids” — wait a minute:  prostitutes are accusing their competition as “dehumanising” ?  We will now observe two minutes’ silence to mark the death of irony.

3)  “Jane Fonda tells accused #MeToo harassers like Louis CK looking to make a comeback to ‘sweep the floor at Starbucks until you learn!’ ” — Tell you what, you rancid Commie traitor:  you could sweep the floors at every Starbucks in the world, and we still wouldn’t forgive you for the Hanoi trip.

4)  Britain’s armed forces are about to go tits-up — My favorite take out of this article is the description of an armored unit as “Operation Tethered Goat”.  Actually, it’s a tragic story, so read it all.  (In case anyone starts murmuring “Malvinas”, the only military in worse shape than Britain’s is Argentina’s.)

5)  NYC Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices “Like It’s 2009” — so prices of NYFC residential real estate are now simply “exorbitant” as opposed to “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me”.  My feelings on the matter:

…and finally, some happy news:

6)  Oktoberfest has begun in Germanland — although my experience with Oktoberfest (in Munich, anyway) has been weak beer and raucous drunks, neither of which I can tolerate.  There are a couple of compensations, though:

Then again…




  1. That’s a crying shame about the UK’s military. Europe has been cutting to the bone and beyond is undermining NATO and Western Civilization. I recall Canada having such awful logistics that some of their equipment was on board a commercial freighter coming back from the mid East and the freighter steamed in circles because of unpaid bills from the government for past shipments. What an embarrassment.

    1. Chopping defense spending well past the bone is what allows the UK, Canada, and Europe in general to have that (cough) wonderful welfare state (gag) that the American Left raves so much about.
      Of course, the unspoken belief of NATO is that should things get problematic, America will just step in and take care of things once again.
      However, things will change. I’m sure the coming European Caliphate won’t neglect military spending.

  2. 1) “Ms Livingstone tried to negotiate with the staff of the slaughterhouse for hours in a desperate bid to release two Bobby calves – but she was unsuccessful.”

    I bet they’d’ve let the calves go if she’d bought them!

    6) I was at the Addison Oktoberfest Sunday and saw several people wearing lederhosen-suspender tee shirts. That is, tees with a picture of suspenders on them. Can’t tell if any of the guys in your last pic had those, but it looks like not.

  3. I’mna still trying to wrap my head around the desire to have two islands on the new QE class CV’s. That is one butt-ugly design. A Tory-Labor compromise? An island for me and an island for thee? I’mna thinking a smarter play would be for us to build a few extra Fords and lease them to the UK and India, mebbe a few others. Astraya comes to mind. Economies of scale and all that.

    1. Start by leasing Nimitz’ as they approach their sell-by date, for training purposes. Make ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ a thing, again.

      1. Then again, the Ford’s seem to have acquired some seriously fat-assed flight decks towards the stern. Mebbe rename them the Kardashians? Recovering Cavalryman here, sue me. 😉

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