1. Albanian != Moslem. Only about 60% of Albanians are even nominally Moslem; and during 50 years of Communist rule, all religious activity was suppressed, and actual practice of Islam declined severely. Few Albanians are devout, much less jihadist.

    As with Chechens in Russia, the problem with Albanians is not that they are Moslems, it is that they are frequently gangsters. The Chechens learned gangsterism as a survival strategy in the Stalinist USSR, and flourished in the kleptocratic Brezhnev years. The Albanian experience was similar; when a people have lived for generations where law is the tool of the powerful, police are corrupt, and everyone must deal on the black market just to survive – they don’t make good citizens.

    (Chechens have turned up in the ranks of Middle Eastern jihadis, but there is a reason for that – their homeland was brutally conquered, driving many into exile. That hasn’t happened to Albanians. They get to hang around Europe as casual workers and/or petty criminals and/or racketeers.)

    Incidentally, see this 1923 map of <a href="https://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/shepherd/races_balkan_shepherd_1923.jpg"<Distribution of Races in the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor. It shows several Albanian enclaves in southern Greece, including the whole area around Athens.

    This would imply that most of the ethnic Albanians in Greece are a long-term population. They could be expelled, but not legally deported.

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