Finally, Fall

Looks like today (September 20) is going to be the last day of summer, temperature-wise (91°F) here in north Texas.  Unless the weather folks have cocked it up completely, temps are dropping into the 70s over the weekend (with autumn showers coming in), and it seems unlikely that the mercury will climb much over 80°F even after the showers have gone.

Yes, British- and Euro Readers:  a daytime high temperature in the high 70s and low 80s (22-27 in your stupid Celsius thing) is what passes for autumn Over Here.  You may now eat your livers.

At least we’ll henceforth be spared the stench of lizards frying on the sidewalks.  Until next May, that is.

I am SO glad summer has passed.  Even by our standards, it was a monster.


  1. High 70s? Holy Crap! Put away the shorts and sandals. Get your jeans and socks ready for winter is coming. Aw the good memories of living in Texas.

  2. We’ve had a lovely summer here in the UK. Four or five months of glorious weather. Nice balmy weather with temperatures mostly in the 70s and low 80s up here and somewhat warmer down south.

  3. Funny story on this last day of Summer, I was at the Bandera Texas gun range this morning, weather started out muggy, then a light rain followed by 20 minutes of torrential stuff. We were on the 100 yard rifle range with has some overhead cover. After the rain we had upper 70’s and pleasant shooting and whilst we were almost done a nice man and woman walked up and we exchanged greetings.

    I could tell they weren’t from these here parts cause their accent was real strange so I asked them what part of Texas they were from. Turns out they are staying at a Dude Ranch adjacent to the range and being from London, in England they were curious and walked over to see what all the shooting was about. We had a nice visit, the husband knew about shooting shotguns but neither of them had ever even touched a rifle so we set them up taking turns shooting a Howa action .308 Precision rifle with a suppressor and a heavy barrel Savage in 22-250 and they had a great time.

    We visited a tiny bit more and did a show and tell about Texas allowing anyone who is not a felon and over 21 years old to carry a loaded pistol in their vehicle which they found fascinating. When I showed the wife my Colt Defender in .45 she asked me what I might plan to shoot with that and my reply was people but only if it were a life and death last resort situation. I always enjoy doing a friendly show and tell with folks who have not had a chance to shoot guns.

  4. Every time you write about how hot Texas is in summer I’m glad I can summer 15 miles north of the USA-Canada border at Roosville. Perfect low humidity 80ish degree clear days, long cool evenings going down to 60ish at night.

    On the other hand, we had first snow last week.

    Even so I prefer the cold because I can deal with that with clothing. Heat just destroys me, especially humid heat. Ugh, I’m an oozing sweaty blob needing 4 showers a day.

  5. While I generally don’t buy into the MMGW thing I do recall that 9/11/01 was a crisp, fine day in GA, and it seems it been summer on 9/11 the past few years.

  6. Yes indeed it was a monster-had a 2 week stretch with every day over 110 and low 80s at 3am when I get up-hope to God it’s my last summer here. I find out in about a week.

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