1. Do pictures count, or do they have to be live to have the effect?

    Where do I volunteer for the follow up study?

  2. They look good now, but at least one of those ladies is going to be endlessly complaining of back problems in years to come.

    Still, they do look good now. 🙂

    1. Quentin,
      That’s like turning down a juicy steak because in thirty years it’s going to be rotten.

  3. I am retired and my wonderful wife works part time tutoring math. Today I showed her this posting about boobs and she laughed a lot, hers were fantastic at 48 years old when I married her, I was divorced and she was a widow. Now at 72 years old hers are most pleasant. When she came home I was cooking a nice shrimp boil , with new potatoes and caramelized onions supper and I was kind of put off when she sat down with a glass of wine and did not check on how the meal was going. I was, as usual an idiot and mentioned that to her.

    Just now 20 minutes after we had finished our meal she came in and gave me a hug and apologized and of course I turned around in my chair and apologized and she hugged my head into her boobs, I told her that makes everything all right and she said just like mac&cheese for kids, women’s boobs have power to make it all alright.

  4. Related funny: At the bottom of the linked article, there was a related video, front-lined by JLo, with the title “Big boobs are back in style”.

    When did they ever go *out* of style?

      1. According to my wife, the ideal female body style for women’s clothing, according to male designers, is a skinny 15 year old boy.

  5. Sorry to be late to the party.

    Anyway, as I was about to say; if one of the remaining five isn’t bacon, then they just don’t matter that much.

  6. What’s a feller gonna do? Etiquette sez ‘Never eat dessert before the main course’. And viewing the lady in flic #1, one must say “that’s a lotta-lotta beef!”

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