1. This shouldn’t be a shock. The only shock is that the Marines are actually being allowed to enforce the regulations on the books. Had Obummer or Felonia von Pantsuit been in office, you never would have heard word one about this.

    Eros trumps Mars, every day of the week. This has been common knowledge for as long as there has been warfare. Only in the modern age are people so stupid, pathetic and gullible that they think they can somehow change man into what they want, and ignore every lesson about human nature.

  2. “people so stupid, pathetic and gullible that they think they can somehow change man into what they want, and ignore every lesson about human nature.”

    Which succinctly encapsulates the Jacobins and Marxist Theology and all their mis-begotten offspring.

  3. That sound you hear is Chesty Puller and every other combat Marine spinning in their graves at 1,000 RPM. As for us Marine vets above ground, our faith in Mattis to choke the life out of this fuckery has been sometimes tested, but I’m hoping that he’s using an old trick of the Corps known as “setting you up for failure”- now proponents of traditional style combat arms can point to this as an example to end the madness.

    1. These days when I read the word “Jacobin” I think of something Norman Podhoretz used to mention:

      “Well, there was a columnist named Jimmy Breslin, worked for the New York Herald Tribune. And he was interviewing one of Lyndon Johnson’s aides, a man named John Roche, who described, he said you know, you can’t take seriously those upper West side Jacobins. I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. And evidently, Breslin either misheard or was not familiar with the term Jacobin, so he transcribed it in his notes as jackal bins. And the story came out the next day. It was Lyndon Johnson’s aide saying, dismissing the jackal bins in the Upper West Side. And everybody said what the hell is a jackal bin?”

  4. There is something else going on there.

    I was a Marine in the 1980s, and my unit OIC was a Warrant Officer.

    He was married to…I can’t remember exactly, but a Major or Lt. Col. They had gotten married when he was a Sgt and she a Lt. Now, he was a first class brown nose, most skilled tongue on base when it came to a seniors starfish, so that might have had something to do with it.

    The military–at least the Marines–made accommodations in cases like this where one or both parties were worth having around, and where the relationship was not disruptive.

    I’m betting Cruz had more than one “relationship” and her actions were generally disruptive to good order.

  5. This is why homosexuals can’t be in the military. With heterosexuals, the males and females can be segregated in sleeping and bathing quarters. Even so there are huge problems. With homosexuals, it is impossible to separate sexual aggressors (or solicitors) from their targets. This has nothing to do with the morality of homosexuality.

    And most service members are very young adults, who have trouble keeping it under control.

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