Apparently, some cartoonist is in trouble for, well, drawing a cartoon (and his newspaper has, quite rightly, stood up for him).  Said cartoon,  which, like ALL cartoons, exaggerates the target’s features, has caused him to receive a storm of hate mail and even death threats because racism.  So in solidarity with Mark Knight and because fuck PC censorship, I’m publishing his cartoon here:

Let the fainting, pearl-clutching and hate mail begin.  As for death threats… LOL.

Here are a couple of other Knight cartoons which could have caused a similar response from conservatives, but didn’t (because we have a sense of humor, unlike the Perpetually-Aggrieved).

I love his cartoons of former OzPM, the lefty Welsh-born Julia Gillard:

I can’t wait to see the hate mail from gingers, people with big noses and of course the Sheep-Shaggers.



  1. What on earth do you have against the Scots? Sheep Shagging is a long hallowed tradition in the highlands 😉

    1. Much as I hesitate to correct a Longtime Reader, I need to point out that the Welsh are sheep-shaggers; the Scots are porridge-monkeys.

    1. I’m just surprised she didn’t blame her outburst on postpartum depression, thus going for the Pore Mom sympathy vote.

  2. Most of the confected outrage over Mark Knight’s cartoon arced up after the Usual Suspects started publishing “shock, horror, racist” bullshit on social media.

    Then the same old lefty media gang took up the chorus and piled on, to the extent that Knight has closed his Twitter account and has police protection in place.

    No normal person would see this cartoon as racist, just as a very funny (and accurate) description of Serena William’s disgraceful sportsmanship and meltdown at the US Open.

    The sharks will devour their own, as Mark Knight’s cartoons are usually very PC and lefty slanted.

    What a world we live in.

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