History Lesson

Not a bad little pocket history course on South Africa over at Ammo.com.

Telling the Afrikaners to “go home” is a nonsensical statement. They are not Dutch. They do not hold Dutch passports, nor would they at any point have been welcomed back by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In many regions of South Africa, the Afrikaners have been around longer than the Bantus and have a stronger claim on the land, having purchased it from Khoisans. On the other hand, traditionally Bantu land was conquered from other Bantu tribes or taken by the Bantus from the Khoisans.

Go ahead and read it all — it’s a short piece — and you’ll be well informed on the topic in future.


  1. I have sympathy for the Boer farmers, just as I have sympathy for my uncle Herbert’s family for no longer being allowed to farm in Poland after the recent unpleasantness with Germany. They too were “expropriated without compensation”. Same goes for Palestinians and to a small extent the Indians of North America.

    Even so, by the rules of Mother Nature, the bitch, they all made poor decisions and deserve what they got by Her stringent standards.

    Don’t. Get. Conquered.

    Something we seem to have forgotten here in our decadent and ahistoric Western Civ. Mexifornia says it all.

    1. And make no mistake – the Afrikaners were conquered by immigration and demographics.

      The same tactics being used against Europeans and Americans.

  2. In this case the history no longer matters. It’s 2018 and you’re white in South Africa. Leave. If you still can. Take whatever pittance you’re offered and go where they will have you. Or stay and die.

    What is going to happen is the farms will be taken, the farmers that know how to grow things will be murdered, and in a year, there will be a famine. Look up Rhodesia on Wiki and then scale it up.

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