Shooting Party

Reader Brad sent me this link about bird-hunting in Britishland, with the result that I immediately emailed Mr. Free Market and told him to book me a spot in his hunting party for next year.  I don’t care where the shooting takes place;  I just want to be there.  In fact, as I told Mr. FM, I’ll even schedule Kim’s European Vacation 2019 around those dates.

Here’s Dave Carrie on the topic.

Reader Brad is a total bastard.


  1. “Reader Brad is a total bastard.”

    Kim, your statement is one of the finest compliments I have ever received. One is glad to be of service. You are welcome.

  2. you should try and go to Holkham (as mentioned in the article). A lovely estate, lovely marshes, and a superb beach. And the best bar – an old Dutch schooner serving beer straight from the barrel. Sit on deck, watching the sunset, then stroll across the quay to the fish and chip shop.

  3. So, any interest in pig-slagging in TX? Here tell you should be able to set up an easy chair on your roof and popoff from time to time whilst enjoying suitable adult beverages. Granted a boltie in 6.5 Swede probably wouldn’t be the optimal shooting iron for such work. But I’m sure you could make it work.

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