1. Surprisingly accurate, though I’m shocked he left HSTs off.

    Federal HST: “I’ll kill you and your dog!”

  2. > Speer Gold Dot – “Lets Go Yankees!”

    But I don’t even LIKE football.

    The reason I use Speer Gold Dot? I bought 5 or 6 250 round containers of it for 30 or 40 bucks each back in 2002. It has run flawlessly in every single gun I’ve used it in, and Speer makes a TMJ version that is ballistically identical and a LOT cheaper for practice ammo. I think I still have 1 unopened box from that first batch.

  3. Federal Guard Dog – I really do f*cking hate living in New Jersey (so I have to buy non-hollow points).

  4. Sellier & Bellot :

    I had a lot of trouble finding 9×18 ammo with brass cases, and the ranges around here won’t let you shoot steel case ammo. S&B ordered online to the rescue! And I don’t even belong to 1 gun forum.

    But I carry HST. S&B is for practice.

    .380 and 9mm Makarov are the only HST I do. Paul Harrell did a bunch of Youtube videos about hyper ammo and focused on .380 and made a bunch of good points.

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