Ten Inconvenient Facts For Liberals

The Spectator (U.S. version) lays them out in detail.

The more ambitious liberalism has become in its efforts to transform the United States, the more it has run up against one intransigent circumstance after another. For eight years, the idol worship of Barack Obama gave liberals confidence that they could remediate society and reeducate the citizens. But reality isn’t political. It doesn’t obey the principles of progressives. Some facts aren’t pliable.

Read and enjoy.  Feel free to discuss your favorite fact (if you can decide on just one) in Comments.


  1. Guns make people safer.

    People don’t like public transportation.

    In fact, toilets, education, pools, and transportation are all wonderful things, greatly degraded when the word “public” is put in front of them.

    1. Public transport (trains & subways especially) makes sense in a dense urban environment with lots of auto traffic and limited parking.
      But, the further away you get, the more inconvenient it is, because it becomes more of a time sink (and homeless stink).

  2. Americans don’t want to emulate Europe (or Canada). We don’t really want more free shit, or more intrusive government, or more laws banning things, or whatever they do over there.

    People aren’t really becoming as progressive as the media likes to trumpet. “Get woke, go broke” tends to nail the companies that virtue signal, while companies that don’t truckle to leftwing pressure will have lines around the block.

  3. Oh, let’s see here….the Europeans don’t have any guns. Common misconception. The UK may be rabid, but once you get onto the Continent, good shooting ranges are common. I’ve shot on ranges in Germany and Spain that make anything I’ve seen in the USA look like a gravel pit.

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