Not Wanting

If ever anyone were to ask you the question, “Why is Kim steadfastly refusing to dive into the dating pool again?”, this would be one of the good reasons why:

Sexually-transmitted diseases continue to hit all-time highs in the U.S. with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting a 10 percent spike for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in 2017. The federal health agency said in a report released Tuesday that the numbers, which include nearly 2.3 million new cases of the aforementioned diseases, reflect a “steep, sustained increase” in STDs since 2013.

And as to why I would never date a young woman (other than psycho-social reasons), there’s this little nugget in the study:

While primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses went up by 76 percent, chlamydia remained the most commonly reported to the CDC with nearly half of the new cases occurring in females ages 15-to-24.

Given the increasing fascination with “dating apps” such as Tinder (even, regrettably, amongst men and women of my age group), it will be a cold day in Hell before I dip my wick into that little vat of social battery acid.


  1. Gotta watch out — there is a lot of thoughtcrime in the STD numbers. The increases are almost entirely based on the changing racial demographics in America. The darker your skin, the more STDs you are likely to have. The herpes rate for black American women, for example, is roughly 50%.

    Depending on your dating “choices” your chances could be very high or right back where they were 40 years ago.

  2. Join a conservative church. You will meet conservative gals. They did not disappear.

    I would not actually recommend it, but if you become A Jehova’s Witness you will be beaten women off with a stick (big mismatch in that cult, problem is it’s a cult). Shrug

  3. It’s not just the young people. Word round the net is that the Villages (an enormous retirement community in central Florida) has a massive STD epidemic, because of all the oldsters porking each other without protection.

  4. That has nothing to do with the reason, it just adds more caution to the equation.
    The real reason is much more complicated and nuanced. Our age is one of the main obstacles. Old men are not exactly highly sought after in today’s society, and women our age remind us more of our grandmothers, not potential mates. Then there’s replacing the irreplaceable unconditional love you had, with the unknown and potentially, fill in the blank. Loneliness is no excuse for irrationality. It happens or it doesn’t, just like when you met the love of your life before. After the bad hands we’ve been dealt, the universe of possibilities owes us one. It would be real nice if she would just knock on the front door though..

  5. > Why is Kim steadfastly refusing to dive into the dating pool again?

    Because he’s still in mourning for the love of his life, the woman who slept next to him for decades, and the one he held on as tight as he could as she slipped the bonds of this mortal coil?

    Nah. Couldn’t be.

    Because the Kim I’ve been reading off and on for *almost* two decades knows statistics better than that.

    Yeah, there’s lots of wimmen with STDs out there (which means lots of men too), but there’s lots of ways to protect yourself including actually getting to know the woman first, getting a general sexual history etc.

    Individuals are not statistics. For example there ARE smart republican politicians, lawyers who don’t need to be shot on sight, and sexy democrats. No, not many of any category, but some.

    1. Yeah, there’s lots of wimmen with STDs out there (which means lots of men too)

      I suspect that the parenthetical isn’t entirely accurate. STDs are transmitted via bodily fluids, and most of the transmission of such fluids is from the male to the female. Given a modicum of protection, a man is at far less risk of contracting an STD from his sex partner than vice versa.

      Not *no* risk of course, but less. Just a quibble.

  6. Allegedly being on intimate terms with herpes, Robin Williams once said “love comes and goes but herpes is forever”.

  7. What’s the old saw? Yeah….

    “Sex is like Bridge. You don’t need a partner if you’ve got a good hand.”

  8. Quite frankly, you’re never going to find a woman as good as your wife. I know that if anything happened to my Mrs., I would just become a priest.

    “But Dave, why wouldn’t you start dating again?” Because I can barely stand the woman my age, I can’t talk to younger women without wanting to jab icepicks into my ears, and I refuse to date a mummy.

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