1. Some kind of a wonderful karmic balance, kind of like one of the old O.Henry stories and making the news is the whipped cream topping with a cherry at the ending. Husband to Hooker/Wife, “WTF? You think I am going to pay for this ole piece of ass?” Hooker/Wife to husband, “You ain’t never gonna get it for free any more!”

  2. It would seem that a discount would be proper; but would it be “professional”, or “personal”?

  3. Guy comes home from work to find a new Caddy in the driveway.
    The wife says, “Happy 25th Anniversary, honey. How do you like your new car?”
    “A new Caddy?!? How the Hell did you pay for it,” he asks.
    “Well, call me sentimental but every time we made love since our wedding night I put $5 dollars in a cookie jar and used that to pay cash for the car.”
    Hubby says, “Hell, if I’d known you were doing that I’d have given you ALL my business!”

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