That’s The Whole Point

I never tire of pointing out to people that Leftism is the only socio-political philosophy in which intent is adjudged superior to consequence.  In simpler terms, it means that quotes like this are on the money:

“It is amazing how far the left will go to hide the truth. Identity politics is killing this country’s competitiveness in the world and all the left cares about is quotas.”
Posted by: Ted | Aug 25, 2018 11:09:44 AM

…but miss the point, in that Leftism doesn’t care about the malevolent consequences of identity politics because the “intent” behind said politics is noble, and therefore whatever happens thereafter is irrelevant (see:  Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Stalin’s destruction of the kulaks, Pol Pot’s forced agrarianism, etc. ad infinitum).  In other, still-simpler words, it’s not amazing;  it’s policy.

Communistatis delenda est.

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  1. Maybe that’s why we lose. We argue and complain about the evils of the left’s socio-political agenda but to their supporters our complaints are features, not bugs. It would be like them complaining about the stopping power of the .45ACP.

    Consider that next year, the children born the year the Berlin Wall fell will turn 30. This means that everyone under 30 really only knows the barbarism of Communism through their Howard Zinn influenced history books and leftist history teachers (if they haven’t gone out of their way to learn Marxist/Leninist history and its massive body count). Today they really only know socialism in the Scandinavian sense and the incoherent ramblings of Bernie Sanders and “the tart from Brooklyn”.

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