Ending The Bullshit

I’m getting a little sick of all the en vogue enthrallment of the media with this fad called “democratic socialism”.

In the first place, regardless of the figleaf nomenclature — and the “democratic” prefix in this regard is just that — we’re still talking about socialism:  that appalling socio-political system which has failed (and will continue to fail) everywhere it has been installed, has caused countless millions of deaths and has resulted in universal poverty and misery not seen probably since the Dark Ages.

And lest we forget:  with the exception of Russia in 1917, all the worst socialist governments — Hitler’s Nazis in Germany in the 1930s, Allende’s Socialist Party in Chile in the 1970s, Chavez’s Fifth Republican Movement in Venezuela in the late 1990s and so on — were democratically elected into power by their respective voters.  Whereupon they all, without exception, followed the socialist precept of “One man, one vote, one time”, and set about holding onto power simply by the means of outlawing political opposition, vote fraud and all the other little parlor tricks by which socialists remain in power.

So no matter how outwardly attractive the socialist candidates may appear — strongmen like Hitler or Chavez or twinkies like that little tart from Brooklyn — let us never forget that at the end, they will impose their horrible philosophy on the nation and they will always strive, by any means, to hold onto power.

And if you think this could never happen in the United States, you’re being hopelessly naïve.  It’s already started.  What other rationale could be offered when local governments run by Democrats — and sometimes even the federal government — have no problem with allowing non-citizens to vote?


  1. Democratic Socialism is akin to Gang Rape. Most of the participants wanted it, so it must be good!

  2. Not to mention that most socialist countries with rare exception, wind up being a dictatorship.
    But of course those dictatorships didn’t try socialism the way WE are gonna do it.
    Free shit for everyone and we make the rich pay for it.

  3. It’s unrestrained mob-rule with class-envy thrown in for extra excitement. The objective is for the mob to destroy the middle-class on behalf of the truly rich. It’s a shortcut on the road to serfdom.

  4. Puts me in mind of a coupla quotes I’ve seen recently around Teh Intarwebz:

    “The democratic socialists keep promising Denmark and Norway, and but they always deliver Cuba and Venezuela.” — Kurt Schlichter

    “Only capitalism creates anywhere near enough wealth to fund socialism.” — Frank J. Fleming

    1. You Forgot:
      “There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.”
      – George Orwell

    2. Remember also that the reason that Scandinavia can have successful* “socialist” states is because the USA provides the lion’s share of Europe’s defense.
      If the EU had to actually build and maintain an army able to keep Russia back, all those social programs would be gone.

      *If Sweden was a US state, it would be one of the poor ones.

  5. Socialism is the gift that just keeps on giving. I like the Kurt quotes. It is all about making sure the rulers get theirs and socialism is closure to tribalism which has been the go-to ruling idea since man came out of the caves.

    Capitalism is hard. they can’t quite understand it.

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