Real Enemies

Richard Nixon had his famous “Enemies List” of people whom he considered political adversaries, and I’m pretty sure Obama and other presidents have had similar ones.  Here are the first two parts of a serious list of enemies, because these are actual traitors:

John Brennan

James Clapper

Both deserve at least imprisonment and possibly execution for their crimes.  To the best of my knowledge, neither has even had their security clearance revoked, which is not only inexplicable but inexcusable.  What the hell is Trump thinking?

Update:  LOL  does Trump read my blog?

Now for that turd Clapper…


  1. The Trumpster is not in charge of this government. He has been neutered by Herr Mueller and the clown Jeff Sessions. My humble estimate is that 90% + of the warm bodies sitting in seats in DC are doing everything possible to ignore/corrupt/thwart any of his intentions or orders.

  2. They’re but two of the passengers that should fly Air Pinochet.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. Compared with fixing the economy / regulatory state nightmare, purging the traitors was a fairly low priority for Trump. Like any good CEO he has his priorities, and focusing on the problems you can’t do much about at the cost of those you can fix is generally unwise.

    Going into the mid-terms, and eventually his bid for re-election, he’s positioning himself to run on his accomplishments, and a whole lot more people care about having a job, a crapton of judicial appointments, and securing the border. Should he manage to pull off the latter, along with knocking on the door of 5% growth, I’ve little doubt he’ll eventually bring out the long knives.

    So long as Trump’s approval numbers remain rosy and his agenda gets the right people elected, there’s very little his enemies can really do to stop him.

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