1. CZ 527’s in 7.62×39 would be my suggestion.

    But, if we want to avoid any possibility of “cruel and unusual”, here’s my suggestion: nitrous oxide. Strap them down, put a mask on them, and pump them pure NOS until they are dead.

  2. “Cruel and Unusual?”

    Nah, that’d be a firing squad nibbling the bastard to death by means of an extended fusillade from a squad using Daisy Red Ryder BB guns.

    Which, come to think of it, might be a big hit on the Pay Per View circuit, depending on the miscreant and the nature of his/her offenses.

    The airing of the Execution of Jane Fonda might just sell enough to settle a good portion of the National Debt.

    An HONORABLE “condemned” could be given the relative mercy of the 7.62×39, of course.

    *idea* Master of Ceremonies for the Cruel and Unusual Show. I think we’ve finally found THE bargaining chip to pacify Kim Jong Un. We get him to cough up his nuke program, and in exchange, he gets to immigrate to the U.S., learn Engrish, and he gets to be the “Creative Director” and to host the show!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna make another pot of this here covfefe.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. No need to mess around. Straight and simple, .308 Win.
    Give the condemned their choice…

  4. Governments at every level are deeply in debt, so to keep expenses down, do it Soviet style – a cheap bullet to the base of the skull and send the bill for the bullet to the mope’s family. If some do-gooder lawyer argues that a .22, .38 or 9mm might wound only and therefore be “cruel”, move to 12 ga 00 buck to the base of the skull and send him the bill.

  5. 155mm, powder charge only, at the “base” of the skull. No need to waste a projectile.

    Alternately, kill them in whatever manner their victim died.

  6. I fail to see how a heavy calibre pistol bullet to base of the skull could be considered “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    Guaranteed to be far less painful that the deaths the pondscum inflicted on their victims.

    I am a softy like that.

  7. In addition to the pay-per-view idea above, you could auction places on the squad on ebay. The winning members supply their own weapons and ammo.

    This whole program could be used to offset the heavy judicial costs of death row inmates.

  8. Ropes and guillotines can be used over and over again. Just sayin’. 😉

  9. 12 gauge slug. Cheap, and REAL effective. It’d make quite a mess, but the odds of anyone surviving one and thereby being considered cruel/blah blah is pretty remote.

  10. The whining pansies who complain about this don’t really mean it, but if they want a humane way to put the brakes on some mutant who has it coming, how about a chamber which slowly changes the mix of breathable gases, imperceptibly lowering oxygen while increasing nitrogen, until the unconscious lucky winner is sitting in a nitrogen-filled chamber long enough for death to occur? Give the condemned his choice of a movie or tv show to watch, or even have his last meal in there. When he flops forward into the mashed potatoes you can close the oxygen valve. I’ve given this some thought.

    Now, mind, I still think it was a mistake for my beloved Golden State of California to abandon the lethal gas chamber; it was the way we did things, and I saw no reason to change. When I was a little kid, the best episodes of Dragnet were the ones which concluded with “awaiting execution in the gas chamber at the state prison in San Quentin.”

    1. As another offset to the “cruel and unusual” whining, don’t those who experience hypoxia think everything is hilarious? Can’t say it’s cruel if the “user” is laughing.

  11. Now is not the time to quibble! Whatever caliber which is at hand will be the proper caliber for the task! There is no restriction as to how many rounds may be used to accomplish the desired result.

  12. I also like the way the Japanese do it. You don’t know when. Nobody else knows when. It’s kept secret. They just come and get you at an unannounced time, and that’s that. No media circus.

  13. .30-06 fired from 1903s. Firing squad just doesn’t seem legit without what my brother calls “long and brown” (i.e., vintage bolt action military rifles).

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