1. Maybe he should offer the money to a couple of close relatives. I’m sure she has some that would be willing.

  2. Having lived a good deal of my life in Okie Land and knowing a lot of folks who are real American Indians and part Indians it is a safe bet that Liz Warren is pure Hillbilly Redneck, Northern European Blonde, Cracker, clear to the bone. I have a grand daughter, on the other grand parents side who is about 1/16th Indian and listed on the tribal roles and initiated in a dawn ceremony a few years ago with the elders. Kind of a neat deal if you have the DNA and most likely you will not have blonde hair like my other grandkids who have no Indian blood.

    It would have been to the benefit of the Indians to have Cracker Liz on the roles if she actually had the lineage but she fudged her story and even made up crap about her grandparents being discriminated against when they were married. Liz did not do her homework because their wedding was announced in the local paper and a celebration was attended by a lot of good folks in the community. Imagine that, a politician lies and gets caught in the lie that she was the first non-white law professor at Harvard.

    My guess is Trump has already had Liz DNA tested and knows his bet is a sure thing.

  3. He made that offer knowing she’d never take the bait and expose herself for the Liawatha she is.

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