Dept Of Righteous Shootings

Also Quote Of The Day:

“I had my own personal AK-47.”

Here’s the summary:  man comes home, finds two (!) choirboys ransacking his house.  They see him, start to pull guns on him, whereupon Our Hero grabs his “personal AK-47” from a closet and ventilates both said choirboys until they are dead.

Now go and read the luscious details, including the part where the DA doesn’t press charges on Our Hero.

Afterthought:  He seems apprehensive that the choirboys’ acquaintances may attempt some sort of revenge.  My suggestion:  buy a couple spare AK mags.  Bet they don’t; would you try and whack a guy who’s prepared to kill people over a TV set?  It is, as they say, to laugh.


  1. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that the fine city of Memphis would be home to such a crime as a home invasion!

    Good on Our Hero for taking out the trash, but I hope he watches his back!

  2. Lessons learned, albeit a bit late for the goblins: Don’t bring a saturday night special to a battle rifle fight, and probably don’t rob folk in actual America.

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