Yeah, That Worked

“That” being the raft of laws and regulations which prohibit felons from owning guns.

Here’s the story:

Authorities in California acting on a tip swept into a rural home and seized more than 500 guns from a convicted felon, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.
The tip indicated Manuel Fernandez, 60, was “in possession of a large arsenal of firearms,” the department said in a statement. On Thursday, a team of state and local officers raided the house in Agua Dulce, about 45 miles north of Los Angeles. Authorities immediately seized 432 guns, the department said.
The next day, another 91 guns were found hidden at Fernandez’s home, authorities said.

Yup:  looks like all those laws which California adds to the federal laws really work, huh?  I mean, a felon possessing guns?  That’s doubleplusunpossible in the Golden [Shower] State, you betcha.

And yet he got the guns, 500 of them, somehow… so California probably needs more laws, like this one.  At least, that seems to be their thinking, such as it is.

Fucking morons.


  1. This came out a while back, and while I agree with your sentiment, there must be more to the story. The pic showed mainly old bolt action rifles, with some pumps and levers mixed in. Some of the bolts were full length stock old military style. No evil black rifles.

    So then, is he a true collector? Importer and resale to the collector market? These aren’t gang banger weapons. What was his felony conviction and how long ago? On any given day most of us unknowingly violate a whole raft of laws too. Is this some 30 year old littering violation making the gun collection illegal?

    A gangbanger with a single AK is a problem. This guy, maybe not. Chances are we won’t hear the rest of the story since it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Sorry, I tend to disbelieve every news story I see.

  2. Well, at least this time around the “arsenal” was actually an arsenal instead of three .22 rifles, four pellet guns, a slingshot and a Super Soaker.

  3. As noted above by Don, I wondered about all of the old Battle Rifles and Sporting Shotguns and Rifles and wondered if the felon in question was to “go to” guy for stolen firearms which would not be good street guns.

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