Equal Treatment

I have this opinion that if women are to be treated exactly the same as men, then when they fuck up bigly, their names should be reported in the news rather than covered up.

Or else, in the above case, we’d all think that the Navy is afraid that the ongoing feminization of their force may be compromised.  But perhaps I’m being too cynical.


  1. I’ll believe women want to treated exactly the same as men when they start clamoring to be plumbers, lumberjacks, miners or construction laborers.

    There’s nothing like working with your hands covered with human waste or highly dangerous jobs to separate the men from the boys and women.

    1. Well, to be technical, mothers often tend to get their hands covered with human waste on a daily basis when changing diapers…
      Nurses as well.

      1. Fair enough, I’ll amend it to “completely covered in human waste while standing in in a pit up to the knees in said waste while hoicking about 100 pound segments of cast iron sewer pipe.”

  2. As a former SWO, this is tremendously sad but entirely expected. I am against women in combat roles anyway (very long discussion there but I will not go into it). However, if they want to put them in combat roles, then make them meet all of the same requirements, including height, weight, physical fitness, etc. If anyone does not think combat ship crews require that, then they do not understand what they do.

    There is no good reason not to do this and the only counter reason is that almost no women can meet that standard. So what; the services exist to kill people and break stuff (and consequently deal with the results of the other side killing and breaking back). War does not car about your gender (or other) quotas.

  3. The Navy lowered their standards for flight proficiency, allowing Kara Hultgreen to kill herself, and now they’ve become so abysmal on standards-maintenance, that they have sub-standard performers as OOD’s and other command positions, allowing them to kill others.
    It’s not my Uncle’s Navy.

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