Quote Of The Day

“If Americans are going to be lectured on how much more wonderful life outside the US is, these critics at least ought to be asked to comment on why it is that so many more Europeans are moving to the United States, compared to the other way around.”  — Tyler Durden

Sent to me by Mr. Free Market, this piece looks at the numbers underpinning the above statement.

So when Lefties scream about moving to Europe after some unspeakable triggering (caused by, say, Trump winning the presidency) and they do no such thing, it’s either because they’re fucking blowhards [Q.E.D.]  or else they looked at Europe and discovered that it’s not quite the Paradise they imagined, e.g. because of taxes.


  1. Europe, including the UK, is a great place to visit, but I would not live there, and taxes are the smaller of my objections.

    The place, even the more-free UK, is subject to an utterly horrifying and burdensome regulatory over-reach. The fucking Germans have finally implemented their “Alles nicht verboten ist verpflichtet, und alles nicht verpflichtet ist verboten.”

  2. The UK has seen massive immigration – at least 5 million people, possibly 10 million – these past 20 years. Mainly from Europe and India. And they have a disproportional impact because they are mostly of prime working age.

    It might be instructive to compare immigration to the US with immigration to Canada.

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