1. It most likely depends on the state, but here in Nevada, they’ll have liquor in either a corralled-off area between the registers or in one of the smaller “stores” (for lack of a better word) along the front wall. The smaller store (“neighborhood market”) down the hill from me has its booze in locked cabinets near the beer and wine.

      If you’re in a less-enlightened state with tougher liquor laws, your mileage will definitely vary.

    2. Here in crook county ill-annoy the local Walmart carries beer and wine, but not liquor. Don’t know if thats county or state wide.

      1. Must be County. Downstate, they have hard liquor in the beer/wine aisle. Most grocery stores carry it all.

        Now I’m in TX, and you have to go to a special store to buy liquor, and not on Sunday. I find that weird.

  1. I think both victims showed admirable restraint in not shooting. It wasn’t necessary to shoot him so they didn’t.

    Or perhaps they just thought about the difficulty of cleaning the blood and brains from their cars. 🙂

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