In My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle’s young suitor sings, “I have often walked down your street before”, but he didn’t sing about camping out on her doorstep for a year.

Here’s my question: who has the time to stalk someone to the extent that this broad did?

What started as a potential relationship on a dating site ended in a stalking nightmare for one Paradise Valley (AZ) man.
PV police say the victim met 31-year-old Jacqueline Claire Ades of Phoenix online and went on a date with her.
But things quickly went awry.
After that date, police say Ades began texting the man constantly, sending him more than 65,000 text messages. The victim told police sometimes she would send up to 500 texts a day.

That’s roughly a fifty texts an hour, assuming this chick had other stuff to do during the day, like eat, sleep, go to the can and work at a job. But sixty-five thousand texts?

At my most besotted, I only ever sent Nigella a few hundred (okay, that was one weekend, and there was gin involved).

This creature probably has carpal tunnel syndrome from all the texting. If she was in California, she’d probably sue the object of her desire for damages (and win).

Anyway, follow that link at your peril because nightmares. Under the term “bunny-boiler” in the dictionary is a picture of this loon. I bet her “dating website” pic looks nothing like this, either; yet another reason why I will never — ever — resort to that avenue for getting dates.

People are crazy, and getting crazier. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grease the chains on the drawbridge.


  1. I’m watching and listening to the longer interview, and I’m wondering why her lawyer hasn’t requested a Thorazine injection for her yet.

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