“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim,
“I like keeping myself fit, so I jog every day, sometimes twice a day. My boyfriend resents all this time I spend away from him, and told me to stop. In fact, he threatened to break off our engagement if I didn’t. What should I do?”
— Fitness-Obsessed, Los Angeles

Dear Obsessive:
Keep jogging. Frankly, if he’s that much of a control freak (and he is), then you’ll be well rid of him. And for your next boyfriend, pick someone who’s as big an idiot about jogging as you are.
— Dr. Kim


  1. * WARNING *

    Woman or man, no matter how good looking, don’t marry crazy, it will only get worse.

    * WARNING*

  2. I used to jog but had to drop to speed-walking recently. My left knee was making it clear that the jogging was no longer acceptable.

    Speed-walking on an empty stomach works just as well for me though. Burns calories, generates sweat, and helps me wake up.

    1. I walk Dog every morning. Two miles, +/- .1

      Today was 39 degrees and steady rain.

  3. Crazy is as crazy does. Hard to say which one has the corner on it, but she is most likely better off without him.

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