Sucker Bet

Anyone care to place a bet on how long this marriage will last, or how long it will take before Hubby has an affair?

…and I’ll also give 2-1 odds that the sex wasn’t that great, either.

Myself, I wouldn’t take any of those bets.

Of course, he might also be some pussified  beta man who was prepared to wait for three (!!!) years to get laid, and still thinks that she’s within her rights to deny him sex now that they’re married.

If I were to let my imagination run riot, I could see other possibilities:

  • she married Beta Boy because he’ll support her, but she doesn’t love him, OR
  • she’s already getting her sex from some Bad Boy and her husband doesn’t know, OR
  • she’s playing the long game, and is going to rape his bank account should he ask for a divorce after being denied sex once too often, OR
  • her long game is to file for a quickie divorce herself, then rape his bank account.

I’m also prepared to accept the power of “AND” in all the above scenarios, but I don’t think I’m too far off on any of them, though.


  1. Another possibility is that she is from the “sex is only for procreation” school of thought. There is really nothing to support that line of thought Bionically (it was actually imported into Christianity from one school of secular philosophy) but it is still current with some folks.

    Not something I would agree with. However, that would not necessarily be an issue if both parties were on board with it, but really the kind of thing you want to figure out before marriage.

  2. I’m thinking she’s “settling”. Her friends are all married now, she doesn’t want to be “left out”, so Spare Tire Dude from the Friend Zone gets the dubious honor- even though he doesn’t really push her buttons. But, she doesn’t want to be the last of her friends to make that trip down to the alter, and 25 is coming up fast, so…

    I suspect a long life of wifely henpecking and nagging, as she takes out her frustrations that he’s not someone else.

  3. The above leads to the following argument, years later:

    Her – That’s it! I’m cutting you off!

    Him – How? You don’t know where I’m getting it from.

  4. Over 40 years ago my then girlfriend said that the only route into her bedroom went past a church altar. That was another time and we were different people. We’ll celebrate our 42nd anniversary in June and I’m thankful that I’m married to a saintly woman who puts up with my shit. As long as we’ve got a roof over our heads, beans and blue jeans she doesn’t get too excited if I enjoy a cold beer or add a gun to the collection. I taught her to shoot many years ago. She’s a very petite lady at 4’10” but does very good with a .22 and I would not want to explain to Saint Peter where those 10 little holes that you could cover with a quarter came from. I can’t speak for anybody else but life had worked out pretty well for this old man and I’m blessed that I had good woman to share that life with me.

  5. There is a big difference between a “wedding night woman” and a crazy lady. I married two wedding night women, first time crazy lady, never knew if I was going to be hit or hugged when I came in the door. Second time my current wife of 26 years and counting and her only request was to, slow down and take your time and do it right. None of the wham bam stuff, if your going to do it, pay attention and go a good job so all parties are pleased and happy. Works for us and we are old people now.

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