1. Kim, I have long used your original “Let Africa Sink” essay as a counter to many liberals. I’d really like to see it revisited with regard to its predictive accuracy. Of course, it wouldn’t make you any more friends among the libs than the original did.

  2. Is it a coincidence that this comes right after your visit? You are a powerful catalyst, Kim.

  3. If I was a farmer in that country, I think I’d get out while the getting’s good.

    First I’d sell everything I could, then I’d take delivery of several dump trucks of rock salt. Spread it and plow it in, just for good measure. Then burn the house down, destroy any remaining equipment, and slaughter any livestock and let it rot in the fields. Then fly out of country to anywhere I could.

    I have no idea why they’d stay on as long as they have.

    1. If Zimbabwe is any guide then the salt would be redundant and a waste of your money. They’ll screw it up all on their own. Why give them a legitimate excuse to blame someone else?

    2. I heard while in S Africa that of the 27,000 farms owned by Whites, 24,000 are up for sale, but are finding no takers (surprise, surprise). I don’t know if the story’s apocryphal or not, but it’s VERY plausible.

      1. Who’s going to buy if there’s a strong chance the farm will be expropriated anyways?

        I’ll be honest, though, I don’t care at this point. If SA is rock stupid enough to follow down the same path as Zimbabwe, let the blankety-blanks starve.

        Stupidity should be dangerous, if not lethal.

        1. I didn’t think the land would sell, but every working farm has tons of heavy equipment. Sell the tractors, combines, heavy trucks, trailers, etc. But yeah, I understand, there may not be much of a market there either. I guess pack a suitcase and walk away.

  4. That racist nigger (I don’t use the word lightly, but Ramaphosa deserves it) wants to create South Zimbabwe. He said he wants to preserve the food supply…bwaaa haa haaa. The black run government can’t even keep water in Capetown; what makes him think a bunch of semi or illiterate Bantu can produce food in the same quality and quantity as white farmers with generations of experience? Does he think he’ll make the blacks plantation owners to oversee the white slaves? He better have another hit on his dagga pipe.
    He claims his people, the Bantu, were driven out by the whites who stole their land. Last time I looked, the Bantus migrated south, and along the way exterminated the indigenous bushmen, who under his logic, were the “owners” of the land. This happened about the same time the European whites were moving north from the Capetown area. They clashed and the whites won. He’s making excuses to steal what is not his.
    Whatever happens, even if the populace is starving, I’ll wager he’ll come out very comfortable if he isn’t assassinated by another Mugabe wannabe.

  5. I would put the over-under at 30 million starved before they re-institute Pass Laws and bribe the farmers back.

  6. I once thought South Africa would have been nice to visit. Read a book written by a Rhodesian Special Forces guys and it sounds like the time to be there was late 70 to early 80’s. Missed that and it looks like I will not be going ever.

    I have to agree that we are wasting our money over there.

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