No Surprise

So it turns out that a current Brit politician, the scumbag socialist Jeremy Corbyn, was once in the pay of the Communists. As a member of Parliament, the traitorous bastard is supposed to have passed on State secrets to the Commies in exchange for cash, according to the Commie spy who enlisted and paid him (as well as a couple other Labour MPs, by the way).

Needless to say, this revelation has been met with indifference and silence by his fellow-travelers in the BBC.

Both the above, of course, would be familiar to Older Readers who will recall that we had the same situation Over Here when it came to light that Sen. Ted “Swimmer & Traitor” Kennedy had actively been in contact with the Soviets, working to undermine then-President Reagan’s policies — a revelation that was largely ignored by his Commie fellow-travelers in the mainstream media as well.

Were it to be discovered that Republican Senator Bob Dole (for example) had been in similar cahoots with, oh, say ChilePres Pinochet, our ears would still be ringing from the screaming from the Left and Dole would no doubt have been imprisoned.

But selling out to the Commies? Yawn.

As always, my suggestion is simple. In the good old days, traitors were hanged, drawn and quartered. As we now live in a (supposedly) more civilized age, I’ll agree to forego the drawing and quartering, with regret, and just go with the hanging, thus:


  1. Personally, I find myself steadily becoming more partial to crucifixion myself, ‘cause ‘anging is too gud fer ‘em.

    1. I can see the point, but, I think there is something to be said for a simple 9mm aneurysm. Quickly done and back to the range, dinner and reading chair.

  2. Had you made the accusation before this was revealed, the response would have been “you’re paranoid”, followed by comparisons to McCarthyism.
    Now, the response is “so what”.

  3. Quiet never to be unexplained disappearances has merit. Keeps ‘m guessing not to mention encourages growing worry. Might even go far to mend a few ways.

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