Beta Royale

And so it begins… the pussification of Harry.

Prince Harry will not be taking part in the traditional royal Boxing Day shoot because he doesn’t want to upset his fiancee Meghan Markle. The 33-year-old was just 12 when he took part in his first festive shoot but has pulled out because Miss Markle is a keen animal rights campaigner. Miss Markle, 36, doesn’t like hunting and Prince Harry is said to have shocked gamekeepers at Sandringham after he informed them he won’t be there on December 26.

Couple of points need to be made, here.

I have it on good authority that Harry is an excellent shot, and as the article indicates, he’s been doing this for two decades — i.e. most of his life. Why should he care what this totty thinks about hunting? He’s a bloody royal, FFS, and she’s the one who gets the most out of their upcoming nuptials. Hell, he can get pretty much any woman he wants — and better-looking than her, for sure. (He certainly has in the past; here’s Cressida Bonas, for one.)

So why he has to accommodate this Markle woman’s silly nonsense is beyond me.

She’s a “part-time vegan” and an animal-rights activist, according to reports. Oh, isn’t that special. Well, he’s a member of a royal family, a decorated war veteran and a keen birdshooter, which I think is a lot more special than some two-a-penny divorced actress.

I never cared about this relationship one way or the other, because it’s none of my business and celebrity stuff bores me to tears. But I get truly irritated when a woman comes into a family with traditional values — and it’s hard to think of a family with more traditional values than Harry’s lot — and wants to make everyone change around her. Arrogant bint.

I always used to think that the penchant for royals to marry other royals (or at least nobility) was silly. But the more I see of it, the more I think it makes sense: the odds are always better if you marry into your own class. No good is going to come of this marriage; you heard it here first.


  1. What a sorry, sorry day it is when a man has to give up shooting to please a woman who thinks animals have rights, people have rights because they are people. People have responsibilities dealing with animals both when they are their property like livestock, dogs and cats and such or game which requires stewardship. To me the shooting upland birds whether over a good dog or driven is one of the most exquisite gun sports and as you say, to compromise this family tradition does not make sense therefore, it is non-sense.

  2. Though I rarely trust a reporter to get it right, “part-time vegan” says it all, don’t you think?

  3. Well, the analysis is spot on, but I differ on the progression of outcome. Harry will be Mr. Perfect until he produces one heir and one backup to said heir, then will revert full force to his normal personality. The question will then become if his wife adapts and accepts reality in exchange for the status or goes normal Hollywood with a nice big splashy divorce and a chunk of ye olde familie fortune.

  4. I once dated a very nice lady who looked askance at my hunting and shooting. Not anti-, but very dubious.

    Her choice: Take me as I am, or go away. She stayed. And ate Bambi and blue quail, with gusto. Learned to appreciate my eight-second El Presidentes. 🙂

  5. Harry! Break right, dispense chaff and flares NOW! Sauve qui peut!

    When a woman starts to dictate a man’s wholesome hobbies, it’s a great big “TROUBLE” sign. Time to say, “Next,” not, “I do.”

  6. Went on a Christmas cruise a couple of years back (South Florida hot rods, customs and performance cars cruise the beach road). We stopped for gas. A woman on the other side of the pumps from me was observing us. After a minute she said to me “I don’t get it. My boyfriend had this obsession with cars like that. At one point, I put my foot down and said he had to choose between the car and me. He left without a word.” We were firing up our rides by that time to leave. As we pulled away, I responded “You’re right. You don’t get it.”

  7. Very prescient post, Kim.

    Danger signal for a peaceful married life is the woman’s belief that she can change a man’s lifelong habits or personality.

    Harry, unlike some of the other royals, is a man’s man, and very likely will not take kindly to being pussified.

    He is a fool to bow to this demand from his intended.

  8. So, an older, used up, divorced, ex cock carousel riding bint marring Princy Harry? What could possibly go wrong? I am sure they will have a blissful relationship up until the point she divorce rapes him.

    Then again, I could be wrong, but the odds are not in his favour. He should have found an < 21 year old virgin.

    Good luck Prince Harry! You're gonna need it.

  9. It might be interesting to know what she’s giving in on, if anything. Also – did she ask/demand/insist, or did he just decide on his own?

    As to “an heir and a spare” – he’s a younger son, so that’s not expected. His elder brother already has two sprogs and a bun in the oven, so Harry’s well out of it. She’s 36, which is getting old for starting to breed.

    “Divorce rape”? I don’t think she could make any effective claim against the family fortune, which he probably won’t get a lot of anyway.

    Of course, the Big Deal about the marriage is that she is part non-white, which is a first for the British royal family.

  10. My parents are both passed away now, and my wife won’t be reading this, so I will use a word that I have seldom used about any woman, no matter how well deserved. This woman is a cunt, and should be tossed aside quickly and without any further waste of time on Prince Harry’s part. I am sorry, but at the young age of 17 I also allowed a woman to basically treat me like this, and own me. for 11 years, she pretty much held me hostage, while I catered to her needs, and the needs of my children, because she was so “needy”. I worked 12 hours in a foundry, then drove an hour home, and cooked, cleaned the house, took care of the kids, 2 and then 3, and then got them to bed. Then I had to listen to how hard her day was until sometimes 3 a.m., before I got up at 5 a.m. to turn around and head back to work.

    Eventually, she kicked me to the curb, after she fell in love with some one else. I was bringing home 300$ a week at the time, after taxes and health insurance at the time. My child support was set at 150$ a week. I was shocked, to be honest. Actually shocked. I thought they were kidding. They were not. They didn’t have a sense of humor, come to find out. I ended up paying that for 17.5 years. That I remarried is actually amazing. I should have run whenever I got close to a woman, but hell I was young. I have been married 25 years now, and am glad of it.

    But if i were a royal, i would have a pimp find me the pefect woman for me, and not waste my time on these broads who have more baggage than a 747. I could care less how good this chic is in the sack. Lots of these hot women are good in the hay, and the ones that are not, can be trained. The most important thing is that they know their place and are content to stay in their place for life, and don’t air the dirty laundry out to the press all the time. Even Princess Diana had a problem with that, and she was a rather decent woman. She just had her own problems that she never dealt with, before becoming a royal.

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