Buzzing Around

So after arriving at Heathrow yesterday, I wasted no time in re-submerging myself into Britishland culture: sausage roll and a cuppa at the station at 10am, followed by a lunchtime pint of Fuller’s London Pride (my tipple of choice where Wadworth 6X isn’t available).

…which I imbibed at this fine establishment:

For this last leg of my sabbatical, I’m staying in another hotel in Ye Olde Fleabagge Inne chain, this time in Earl’s Court. It’s been many years since I stayed here, but fortunately, it hasn’t changed much — although I continue to lament the disappearance of the excellent Hi-Tide chippie: last night’s fish & chips dinner in a nearby pub was mediocre. (I won’t mention the fucking background music because it was so loud it was actually foreground music, requiring that conversation had to be shouted to be audible; and in true Earl’s Court fashion — because all residents of Earl’s Court appear to be ESL* — the screams emanating from the neighboring table to mine sounded like a conversation between Latke and Simka from the Taxi TV show.)

All that said, I love Earl’s Court; it’s regarded with absolute horror by the upper crust — and I have had several letters from friends in said demographic commiserating with my plight — but I can think of no better catalyst to wake me from my somnolence after having relaxed in one of Johannesburg’s toniest suburbs for the past two weeks.

The difference between this:

…and this cannot be overstated.

And now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to find a decent Full English Breakfast amidst the curry palaces, Italian bistros, vegan vendors and halaal kebab restaurants hereabouts. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the only bloke in the place who’s reading the Daily Telegraph.

I love London.

*ESL = English [as] Second Language, to my non-U.S. Readers.



  1. Do you use Air B’n B, VRBO, HomeAway or similar?

    We have given up on hotels almost entirely. They seem uncomfortable, usually with two big beds and no decent place to sit, no proper table and not even the micro-kitchens that a lot of Yurrup seems to use. Also, horribly expensive for what you get.

    1. Fred,
      None of the above. Basically, I use Expedia and choose a place based on a combination of location and price. I’m not fussy about the room, as long as it’s clean and has a bathroom ensuite. In fact, if the room is tiny (like the current one), I’m forced to spend more time outside it than in — hell, I don’t know what channels the TV gets, or even if it works.
      After all, as I’m traveling alone, I’m the only one who has to be satisfied with the accommodation.

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