You Motherfuckers

Even though I’m never going to qualify for this little “bubble” tax, it still makes me want to empty my gun into the TV the next time a Republican congressman shows his face.

Write to your U.S. Republican representative (if you have one), and tell him that if this piece of shit finds its way into law, you’re going to vote for his opponent next time round — because at this point, then, he’s no different from a fucking Democrat.


  1. True definition of a RINO. I would never vote for a democrat as they are members of a criminal organization and you never let criminals run your government. I would vote for anyone else running though.

  2. I just can’t get worked up about it. I fine with damn near anything at this point, as long as it hurts Democrats more, and this will.

    1. Unfortunately, we can’t tax people for their policy advocacy……
      though we should when that advocacy is inimical to Freedom & Liberty.
      But, cancelling the deduction for state & local income taxes puts some of the onus back on those who enjoy living large, and having someone else pay for it, as it makes those state & local taxes hurt more.

  3. This type of tax is sometimes called a “bubble tax,” because the marginal tax rate effectively bubbles up for a brief period before falling back to a lower level.

    The same thing happens in my septic tank. The smells are similar.

    1. “Anything short of repealing the sixteenth amendment is unacceptable” And that’s where I also stand.

      Well flogged definition of “insanity” goes something like “repeatedly doing the same thing while expecting a different result”. True or not, it well defines the failed legacy of Congress to enact an income tax code providing “equal protection under the law”.

      Somehow our government muddled along for 126 years before adoption of the 16th Amendment in 1913. The ensuing 100 years saw 52 sessions of Congress convene along with the inauguration of 17 Presidents. Despite that, citizens have been increasingly forced to endure what Congress apparently lacks some combination of ability, intent or motivation to remedy.

      Considering one-hundred years of Congressional tinkering if not diddling with the tax code, one can only conclude the 16th Amendment to be irreparable.

      And for some rest of the story, there’s the IRS.

  4. Paul Ryan is the righteous successor to Bob Dole’s title as the “Tax-collector for the Welfare State”; as he refuses to scale back the size and scope of the Leviathan, but just wants to “finance” its bloat.
    He does not deserve the support of anyone but confirmed Big Government Totalitarians.

    1. I think you are a bit too kind in your assessment of him, but yeah.

      …and he saved Obamacare – supposedly because the fixes were not “pure” enough or whatever.


  5. What’s this about thinking that they ARE different from dimocrats?
    They are NOT different from dimocrats, just like the dimocrats are no different from the socialists.
    The entire lot of them in washington exist, function, plan and perform for their own well being and financial success. The “people” are a long way down their list of concerns.
    I see in the news that some of them are choosing to depart on their own, before their ignored constituency evicts them. Good riddance, don’t let the door hit them in the ass on their way out.

    1. Excuse me, so complaining about the GOP not lowering taxes enough is the same as the Dems raising taxes every time they get the chance?

      The bubble tax rate has to do with marginal tax rate on the next dollar taxed even though the total rates are going down. I think they could do better (I would prefer a flat rate) but there is not a shadow of a doubt that the proposal is better for everyone than the current rate.

      Are you for real or just throwing poo for fun?

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