This was going to be a rant about Old Farts becoming fathers at an advanced age — I couldn’t imagine going through all that parenting nonsense again, at this stage of my life.

Then I looked at some pictures of a couple of our most recent old-fart daddies. Can you think what it was that struck me the hardest? Maybe these pics of Billy Joel and Ronnie Wood might help:

Yep… even if you look like a gargoyle, you’ll still be able to play on some prime real estate — if you’re a famous rock star.


    1. I remember one of those words of wisdom from my dad – who was a decent moral man. He said “Son, we all pay for it. You can pay by the serving or you can pay it out long term. That’s your choice to make.” I went the long term route. It may not have been cheaper but I’ll guarantee that there was much less drama and hassles. Maybe some of these old rockers are realizing the same thing.

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