Back In Britishland

Back to my digs in Hardy Country, this time for only a brief-ish period (more on that later). Free Market Towers looked its usual splendid self:

…and to show you what fine hosts I have, Mrs. FM delayed the Friday Flogging until my arrival so that I, whisky in hand, could watch.

Nothing like the moans of the working classes to put one in a good mood… and tomorrow, it’s Range Time:

But first, I have to get through a little “Welcome Back” party tonight.

It’s a hard life, but what can one do?


    1. @Duo,

      Did I see somewhere you’re trapped behind enemy lines in the financially and morally bankrupt state of Ill-Annoy? I am too. I also run a once-per-month socially-oriented target shooting group based in the northern ‘burbs of greater Chicago. Check out “Northshore Shooters” on meetup -dot- com for details. We’d love to have another like-minded member in our ranks.
      – Brad

      PS – to hell with Pritzker, Madigan, and all of their ilk.

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