Nostalgia #846

Why does this pic make me feel nostalgic?

  1. The cops are all men.
  2. They’re doing crowd control, but aren’t dressed up like Imperial stormtroopers.
  3. They’re ogling a pretty girl without some shrew accusing them of [insert feministical outrage of choice here].
  4. The girl is alluring, pretty and sexy; and yet somehow she manages to do all that without looking like a total slut.

Yeah, I miss the old days.


  1. The Good Old Days… (HEAVY SIGH!)

    What I notice about this picture: The expressions on the faces of the officers as she approaches, arrives and passes. Note how their faces range from dull/bored to grinning pleasure. It just proves that men are pigs, but they know what they like!

  2. Every day I pass thru a major transit hub in NYC, twice. There are often police officers providing “a police presence” as well as National Guard members, also providing security.

    I find the contrast striking.

    The cops (who, for the record, ARE civilians despite their lumping non-cops as such, they and we not coming under the UCMJ) are all dressed in full battle-rattle, body armor, kevlar helment, and generally an M4 carbine or something similar (a magazine for which would send ME to jail in NYC or NJ). It wouldn’t surprise me to find out they had flash-bangs in one of those pouches. Change out their black BDUs for camo and they wouldn’t look out-of-place in the sandbox.

    The National Guard members (who DO come under the UCMJ) are dressed in camo BDUs, what looks like soft body armor UNDER their shirts, wearing soft caps, and have holstered pistols. In fact, if you switched out their camo for black/blue and changed the cap style, they could pass for cops. About the only non-cop thing I see on them is camelback water carriers or, sometimes, a canteen on their belt.

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