So now we have this foolishness:

“Unacceptable costumes” listed on a University of St. Thomas diversity flier are “wearing Native American headdresses, dressing up as a ‘Mexican’ by wearing a sombrero, dressing as a ‘geisha,’ any form of blackface.”

“Cultural appropriation is defined as ‘the act of taking intellectual and cultural expressions from a culture that is not your own, without showing that you understand or respect the culture,’” explains a University of St. Thomas diversity memo to students.

“This can be as simple as wearing a Dashiki without knowledge or respect to West African culture, and as serious as wearing a fake Native American headdress without any regard of its sacredness,” adds the memo. “It generally incorporates a history of prejudice and discrimination by perpetuating long-standing stereotypes.”

At UC Santa Barbara, a social justice workshop set for Tuesday will delve into how Halloween costumes abuse “indigenous wear” and teach students how to “spot appropriation with the help of bell hooks’ essay ‘Eating the Other.’”

At a “Conversation Circle” at Princeton University this Sunday, students will “engage in a dialogue about the impact of cultural appropriation, Halloween, and why culture is not a costume.”

Oh FFS, I wish these priggish, self-righteous shitwits would just lighten up.

Sounds like an excuse for a nationwide “Clothing Optional” Halloween on campus… although feministicals will no doubt start squealing that swinging dicks create an atmosphere of terror for women or some such bullshit. What a bunch of wussies.

And let’s face it: there’s no fun in everyone dressing in fucking togas, which seems to be the only costume I can think of that’s safe to “appropriate” because all the Romans are dead. (No, modern-day Italians are not Romans except by proxy. Look it up.)

I am so glad I’m not a student anymore, because I would get into shit on at least a daily basis. I just wish that more students could do the same, but they’re the ones calling for all this sensitivity crap. Snotty snowflakes, all of ’em.


  1. If I were still a student, I would make it my life’s work to prank these twits every single day.

  2. The thing these twits do not seem to realize is that the primary way that cultures grow is through “appropriation” or as it was known until about yesterday, borrowing. It is the backwater hermit cultures that stay pure that fall behind. All of the leading ones borrow constantly. Deal with it.

  3. Does my costume…

    Represent a culture that is not my own?
    Include the words “traditional,” “ethnic,” “cultural,” or “tribal?”
    Perpetuate stereotypes, or historical and cultural inaccuracies?

    Does this mean that Harry Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s Nazi costume a few years back is ok, then?

  4. My main regret in being old and decrepit is that I can’t go and hang out in some student pub while wearing a MAGA cap–trolling for suckers, as it were. 🙂

  5. So the clowns at ‘University’ can’t read their own memo?

    “…without showing that you understand or respect the culture…”

    So NOTHING is banned, so long as I can show I understand, respect, and can explain the culture. Except that EVERYTHING is banned because any student who calls them out on their bullshit is wrong, because reasons. More and more, I think it’s a waste of time and money to save for college for my kids. If that’s what’s passing for education at the baccalaureate level, it’s not worth the time.

  6. I dunno, it seems to me that the toga parties at places like Hedonism in Jamaica are a LOT of fun, but maybe that’s not what you have in mind.

    Of course there was the time some years ago I was at a Halloween party at my local bar, dressed as William Wallace as portrayed in Braveheart (this was when the movie was fairly recent), kilt, big hair (wig in my case), blue paint and I met a young (for certain definitions thereof) lady (ditto) dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

    Which reminds me, the lovely Cassandra Peterson should probably go on your list of lovely ladies. At age 63 (!) she looks better than LOTS of women half, or a third, her age.

    Leftists/Socialist/SJWs/Feminists all seem determined to suck all the joy out of life to make us just as miserable as they are. In other words they’re exactly what they accuse the Puritans of being……

  7. “Cultural appropriation is defined as ‘the act of taking intellectual and cultural expressions from a culture that is not your own, without showing that you understand or respect the culture,’”

    So it’d be like a black guy showing up for work on time, paying his taxes, and raising his kids.

    1. I like this whole thing, because it means we white males can…

      -rip their eyeglasses off their faces.
      -punch out their dentistry fixed teeth.
      -deny them vaccines and medical care.
      -take away their computers, cars and cell/smart phones.
      -remove any round rotating objects (wheels) from their lives.
      -need I go on?

      For that I’ll happily forego the delights of driving all the cars designed and manufactured in Africa.

  8. I would love to say to some of these harpies “Are you from England? No? Then how DARE you speak English? You are guilty of cultural appropriation!”

  9. “Cultural appropriation”, formerly known as “Halloween”.
    “Affirmative action”, formerly known as “pretending”.
    “Triggered”, formerly known as “stamping your little foot and bawling”.
    “Social justice”, formerly known as “Communism”.

    I used to have a list of 15 or so of these, I was thinking of doing T-shirts.

    This has the Fred Reed list of things that do quite a lot to make Diversity Whiner’s lives comfortable or even possible, and so they will continue shamelessly appropriating day and night:

    Are White Men Gods? (II): Getting the Facts Straight

    Fred’s been writing some columns about how great Mexico is, to stay on his wife’s good side, but this one is evergreen.

  10. I guess it would not fit in well if we had an Al Jolson Jazz Singer party on campus everyone sang ‘Mammy’ in blackface. But if we could explain that we understood the background and culture of men of color who love their moms then it would be okay and make good sense because of honoring sacred traditions.

  11. “Oh FFS, I wish these priggish, self-righteous shitwits would just lighten up.”

    You spelled “Die in a fire” wrong.

    No need to thank me, just part of the service I provide…

  12. Silly me, I thought the Halloween song & dance was predicated on appropriation, i.e. pretending to be something you’re not. I was gonna go as Vlad The Impaler, but I apparently I need to reconsider. Wouldn’t want to offend the Transylvanians.

  13. Incidentally Kim, this is the 1st time in quite a while that I’ve been able to post. For the last couple months the site has appeared to accept my login credentials & permitted me to compose my intellectual droppings, but when I’ve hit ‘post comment’ it’s just disappeared. For what it’s worth.

  14. My nic is an acronym: Slant Eyed Polack. My maternal ancestry is Jap, by way of Hawaii where mum’s side of the family emmigrated to work the cane & pineapple fields. A question for the SJWs: if I see one of you self-righteous lefty pricks appropriating a pair of chopsticks, can I impale you through the eye with them? Or at least shove ’em up your haole ass? Because cultural appropriation.

  15. It was nice of them to provide us with a handy checklist.
    I guess I could wear the feathered headdress over a sombrero…

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