Should Have Been An A

From the Chateau comes this priceless ambition from a future leader:

(I know the thing is probably fake, but leave me with the illusion, willya?)

Had this young man (? if it was a girl, I’m gonna explode) been several years older, I would have pegged him as a Junior Reader. After all, I believe I once posted this little thought:

I think I’m going to get a few “Pinochet Was Correct” T-shirts printed. Hey, if the Left can do it with that murdering Commie bastard Che Guevara…


  1. I do not presume to correct my betters, but perhaps “Pinochet was ‘Right!'” would sell better. I’d buy one.

  2. A t-shirt that is well designed, and the retailer will post it to Oz, please.

    I keep getting reprimanded for asking “Where is Cromwell when you need him”?
    (Dismiss Parliament; behead the crooked King; Clear out the monopolies. – the Donald could take a leaf from Cromwell’s book)

  3. This post made me happy on a day when I needed a shot of happiness. Thank you, Kim.

  4. I don’t know if the thing is fake or not. (I hope not.) But I laughed out loud when I saw it because I had something similar happen to me when I was in eighth grade.

    The teacher – a very liberal nun – played a record in class and then told us to write a paper on what, *in our opinion*, we thought the songs “inner meaning” was. I even remember the name of the song, it was “Who Will Answer”, by Ed Ames. Ed Ames being the guy who played “Mingo”, Fess Parker’s indian sidekick on the old Danial Boone TV series. (Yeah, it was a long time ago. Why do you ask?)

    Anyway, I wrote words to the effect that I thought it was liberal claptrap. This was the late 60’s so liberal claptrap was all the rage and I was a rebel. I didn’t get an F, but I did get a D, and the teacher even wrote on my paper that my opinion was unacceptable. When I complained, she called for a parent-teacher meeting to discuss “my attitude”.

    The reason I remember this incident so well is because that meeting was one of the astonishingly rare times that my father actually took my side in a dispute with a teacher. He essentially told her: “Don’t ask for someones opinion if you don’t want to hear their answer.”

    It didn’t change my grade, but I really didn’t care after that.

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