K-Cups In Britishland


No, this is not about some Brit tart with huge breasts — larger still than a “GGG” cup size — oh no, this is a serious post. Reader Chris C. sends me this news:

I remember you mentioned something about having a Keurig K-Cup brewer — I have one too. I also remember you mentioned something about not being able to find one in 220-240V for UK and other non-North American use.

I’ve actually found an option:

Stateside Coffee (Bidford)

They have the Keurig K140 which I think is the older version of the K145 commercial brewer that you can find in Office Depot right now. The price isn’t fantastic (£150), but given the dearth of options, it’s at least a workable one.

I don’t know about the K140/145, but I used to have the larger K150 which is an excellent coffeemaker.

(Daughter stole it from me and it’s still working, some five years since I bought it.)

So for all my Brit Readers who want to escape the Nespresso Matrix, here’s an option. As I see it, however, the only problem is the poor choice of K-cup coffee available Over There; even a cursory look through amazon.co.uk yields few options — although the Green Mountain coffee isn’t bad, it’s not Dunkin Donuts (which they may get, though, if you pester them for it. And the price isn’t too bad, about £1 per cup).

And for those of you Murkins who are looking for a more rugged version of the Keurig for your travels, Reader Chris suggests the CoffeeBoxx (which accepts K-cups):

Tactical coffeemaker? Kim likes, but the price is a little yowzer. Still (as any fule kno) you always pay more for mil-spec, so it may be worth it.

Many thanks, Chris.

I have the best Readers of any blog on the Internet. And now I think I’ll go and make me another cup of coffee, on my Keurig.

Then I’ll look at pics of Casey Batchelor on the Internet.


  1. We have a keurig at home and at work. Since I’m a cheap SOB I stopped buying those K-cups a couple years ago.

    Just get yourself a refillable K-cup and put whatever kind of coffee you want in there. It also won’t cost you $0.50/cup either (which is about the cheapest I’ve ever been able to find real K-cups, back when I bought them.)

    1. Staff,
      I’d do that too, except I’m lazy. Cleaning out those refillable thingies is more hassle than I’m prepared to deal with.
      However, if your taste in coffee runs to brands that aren’t available in K-cups, then by all means use the refillable K-cup cartridge option.

      1. See, I’m lazy, too (which is why I have a Keurig in the first place) but this is one of those areas where my cheapness beats out my laziness. Also why I mow my own lawn. 😉

  2. >…and it’s still working, some five years since I bought it.

    5 years is a mark of quality for an expensive water heater and kettle?

    1. For the Keurig consumer products, yes it is. Three years of continuous heavy daily use is about par, I found.

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