Just… Wrong

I saw an article somewhere about people attending some movie premiere (details not important), but what struck me was how the women dressed. Here’s the lissome Heather Graham (47) standing on the left, next to the cute Molly Quinn (25):

(In case there are people out there who are even more clueless about this stuff than I usually am — I actually had to look these two up — Heather was Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, and Molly was Castle’s daughter in the eponymous TV show — neither factoid of which will be relevant to this post.)

Am I the only one who thinks that they should have swapped outfits? Heather’s little mini is cute, but FFS she’s nearly twice her companion’s age. The longer dress would have suited her much better. Also, her legs are too skinny and not that great — Miss Quinn actually has nicer legs (I know, you need a pitchur):

I know all about the female age bias in Hollyweird, and how Women Of A Certain Age Can’t Get The Good Roles Anymore (Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep to the contrary), and therefore the ladies have to look and dress like young girls rather than the mature women they are. Which means you get women making fools of themselves (“mutton dressed as lamb”, as my mom used to say) and frankly, I think it’s nonsense. Case in point: Sophia Loren, outside her movie roles, never showed off her flesh to excess, despite having one of the greatest female bodies evvah (I know, pitchur, shuddup):

Okay, maybe not that one — but note: no “sideboob” or crotch shots (which seem to be all the rage these days [sigh]).

I seem to have lost my thread. Oh well, let’s just say that actresses need to dress their age. Like the septuagenarian Susan Sarandon:

Oh hell, I give up.


  1. As a guy who grew up in the 60s I always though that sexiness was what a woman didn’t show, rather than what she showed to the entire world. A sexy woman had enough class to control who saw what and she would make the decision of who she wanted to be intimate with without the thought that she had to expose her pudenda ( I love that word – its so dirty!) to excite every wanker on the planet.

  2. I’m going to disagree, Kim. A woman trying to look her best should emphasize her best feature. Meaning that a svelte woman is far better off with a short skirt to display good legs, than with a plunging neckline to display a small bust.

    Although I concur that a woman can go with a high hemline or a low neckline…never both.

  3. Kim, while I agree with your main point, I must take you to task for not having a proper photo of Ms. Sarandon and Ms. Hayek on the red carpet from that shoot, and Ms. Hayek’s selfie that she posted on Instagram last year with them ogling each other’s cleavage.

    And my work here is done.

  4. The thing I noticed about that picture is that Ms. Graham’s left thigh appears to be about 4″ longer than her right thigh (and her calves the opposite).

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