9/11 Reminder

We are taught the Christian virtue of forgiveness — well, some of us are, anyway. But when you’re faced with some of the most ghastly acts of wanton wickedness, I’m afraid that Christianity needs to take a temporary vacation while we root out pure evil. Here’s a brief reminder, lest we have forgotten:

Kill them. Kill them all, whether they’re Al-Qa’eda, ISIL, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, whatever they want to call themselves — kill them all.

Then, when these barbarians have been removed, we can get back to building civilization.



  1. My church upbringing – when I bothered to pay attention – emphasized that forgiveness does not mean you don’t hold people accountable, does not mean you don’t take necessary precautions, does not mean you don’t defend you and yours with deadly force, as needed.

    So yes, you could (theoretically) forgive the man who murdered your wife, as one common example, as they march him off to the electric chair. Your forgiveness doesn’t provide a get-out-of-jail card. You could also forgive someone who just broke into your house, minutes after shooting him dead (in self-defense). And we can forgive the medieval barbarians, even dedicate a monument to them, after we kill enough of them to make an honest difference in the world. All Christianly.

    Too many so-called Christians preaching forgiveness just don’t understand that.

      1. This, exactly. Forgiveness requires repentance on the part of the forgiven. You can’t forgive what hasn’t been repented of, and there’s no indication that those responsible (who survived) are at all repentant.

  2. I think we need to make Mecca a glass plate and then see what happens.

    I too was raised that god is love and he loves us all, but there are lines that I will enforce if you cross them regardless of his love of you.

    Might get me a long spell in the hot place, but we shall see.

    1. Yes, they struck (on 9/11) at our “cathedral of international finance” (paraphrasing binLaden), so the proper response would be to level their “cathedral”.
      An eye for an eye…

  3. It ain’t over till it’s over and it’s not over yet, I have not idea when it will be over but I suspect not in my 72 year old lifetime.

  4. Just for clarity, the problem is islam. Not “terrorism”, not ” radicals”.

    islam, pure and simple.

    It is a political death cult, calling itself a religion. It’s stated goals are world domination, achieved by forced subjugation.

    It is all about rape and death. Why do you suppose the 72 virgin thing holds such appeal? Rape.


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