5 Worst People To Be Trapped In An Elevator With

Continuing with our “5 Worst” series, we have this crowd of horrible people, a.k.a the Waygood-Otis Nightmare Quintet:

All links (especially the last one) carry a public health service warning. Your nominations in Comments…


    1. What Mike M. said.

      As a side bill, could we lock Jeremy Clarkson in an elevator with Piers Morgan? I’d even crow bar my wallet and purchase pay-per-view for the first time in my life to watch that.

  1. It would be best if the top four elected ladies from California stay out of my elevator and remain in Endor.

  2. So many choices might make the cut – however entertainers and politicians come to mind. These reptiles are my 5 worst picks today. They would suck all the oxygen out of any space as small as an elevator and not even a cockroach could stay alive.

    1. Michael Moore

    2. Cher

    3. Elizabeth Warren

    4. Chuck Schumer

    5. Amy Schumer

    1. News bulletin regarding Cher; the California undertakers board has announced that in light of her record of plastic surgery, Cher can no longer be considered biodegradable. Consequently California regulations mean that in the event of her death she may not be cremated or buried in the State.

  3. Since any obnoxious celeb has well paid armed guards to keep them from mingling with the common deplorables (a practice I wholly agree with, as it keeps them far away), here’s a more representitive sample of the types one is likely to be trapped with :
    -A vegan
    -A crossfitter
    -A representative of the latest sell from home health fad
    -A paleo dieter
    -A rabid fan-boi

  4. Al Gore
    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    Michelle Obama
    That new Frog President- Macaroni?
    Any “rapper”.

    Nightmares ensue.

  5. In honour of your visit in the UK

    -Prince Charles
    -Seumas Milne
    -Dianne Abbott
    -Ken Livingstone
    -Jeremy Corbin

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