Males Under Every Bush

No, that’s not a sexy double entendre. Apparently, some academic feministicals [redundancy alert] have decided that there are too many male-sourced citations in scholarly literature, or something like that:

In a recent academic journal article, two feminist professors claim that citing sources in scholarly articles contributes to “white heteromasculinity.” Rutgers University professor Carrie Mott and University of Waterloo professor Daniel Cockayne advance the claim in an article published last month in the Feminist Journal of Geography, but also suggest that citation can serve as “a feminist and anti-racist technology of resistance” if references are chosen with the explicit intent of promoting “those authors and voices we want to carry forward.”

Note that the second of these two feministicals is (I think) a man, ergo completely pussy-whipped into compliance with Teh Narrative. Of course, they don’t let actual, you know, facts get in their way:

The authors say that “white men tend to be cited in much higher numbers than people from other backgrounds,” but dismiss the idea that this is due to the relative preponderance of white male geographers.

And yes, the picture of Professor Mott (from Rutgers’s website, no less) should come as no surprise to anyone:

My sincerest apologies to anyone who is now unable to eat their breakfast. The other idiot’s picture will also be unsurprising:

Good grief, they’re making professors out of 12-year-olds. It’s becoming easier and easier to see why The Onion is no longer either relevant or funny, because bullshit like this and people of this ilk render satire totally irrelevant.

By the way, their final comment is really funny:

They caution, however, that this approach entails a certain risk of “basing assumptions of gender or cisnormativity on particularly gendered names.”

Speaking of cultural nominal cisnormativity (I think I got that right), I’d like to point out that the word “mott” is South African slang for a vagina.

And as an African-American with a gender-opaque first name, I can only hope that somebody leaps to cite my writings as a source, preferably when writing to professors Vag and Cockless.



  1. Isn’t this a great time to be alive? Scholars of the future will write theses, earn doctorates, make whole careers erecting a field of study trying to figure out just what our civilization’s major malfunction was. Probably working in a stone abbey, in a world lit only by candles and torches.

    Bronze Age, Iron Age, Age of Discovery, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial Age; I wonder what they are going to call ours? The Great Squawking? The Era of Daft Cows? That Time of the Millennium?

    Looking at the second picture of Professor Cockayne makes me think of the Fred Reed quote, “Without men, civilization would last until the oil needed changing.” Hmmm.

  2. Oh for the days when BS like this was limited to professors of Women’s Studies and Sociology instead of actual, you know, SCIENCE.

    I recall my very first college-level class, Sociology 101 at 8:00 AM on a Monday morning in September 1981. The class was taught by (I shit you not) the Chair of the Women’s Studies department. She had IUDs she’d had made into earrings. I spent an entire semester being told that everything wrong with the world was my personal fault. Most of the guys dropped the class (I was either too stubborn or too stupid, and since I got an A with hardly any effort I figure the former).

    Thankfully most of my classes were in Comp Sci and Engineering. I DID have one Comp Sci teacher who was routinely accused of sexism, because he insisted that the women in the class do the same amount of work, and produce the same amount of quality, as the men in order to get the same grade.

  3. Cockayne and Mott are, respectively, an assistant professor of geography and an instructor of geography at universities of no particular prominence or, really, academic import. Not worth the time to even think about them. As much as I’d like to say something snarky or shitty about them, or make fun of their CV or appearance, I’m in the middle of writing a brief — and I neither know, nor care, the sex of the judges who’ve written the opinions on which I rely. They’re all just “Surname, J.” to me.

  4. Go easy folks, it’s always a pleasure to see two accomplished grifters cozen money from fools.

    Most modern voters are fools and it’s immoral to let fools keep their money.

    For whom did you lot vote last time around and what, exactly, did they do to put people like these out of business? Nothing, am I right? Indeed, your elected representatives probably encouraged this kind of thing to ensure a place to roost for themselves after their terms in office and for their own feckless spawn.

    1. Then there is the ever so humble Bergamott, which I do believe might also be cousin to the Uglyfruit, hopefully unrelated to that great American product named Mott’s apple sauce, pacifier to millions of screaming toddlers. Stay dry, we are no where yet near peak insanity.

  5. I’ve come to realize that these sort of reports are just the modern version of Flagellants in the Leftist Academia.
    People like that make a ritual denunciations of sins, and the Academic community will make a ritualized confession, followed by a minor penance with no real actual change.

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