1. I keep telling my wife that when I installed it I installed it in an upright position so putting it down is not natural and it needs to be reset to upright after every use. I invited her to install the next one herself in any position she chose.

    This is good for my weight loss diet, bad for my excessive alcohol intake, as often happens when sitting dinnerless on the sofa watching TV alone.

    Actually, she fixed me by insisting on one of the new hydraulically damped ones that you just flip and the seat and lid both slowly fall to a level position. I have the usual male joy in watching clever machinery operate well to solve a problem.

  2. a vortex huh? First we had the polar vortex phenomenon, now the potential hazards of first-level treatment plants. Perhaps sitting on unprotected toilet seats was a hazard unfairly ridiculed.

  3. I’ve never been all that hard-core about this – however, I will have to note that, if the lid is left up, but the female expects it to be down, in the middle of the night, you may hear a splashing sound, followed by some NASTY words, when her attempt to sit on the seat ends up dropping her in the – hopefully – clean water.

    If she NEVER expects to have the lid put down, she will get into the habit of checking before sitting.

    Keep in mind, boys, women, at many stages of their adult lives, just CAN’T wait that extra few seconds to check – they have to sit down – RIGHT NOW – lest they pee down their legs. Happens after childbirth, and, again, during those menopausal/post-menopausal years.

    Be warned.

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