Quotes From Disqus

On the topic of guns on college campuses, some foreign dipshit wrote:

“To my European-born mind, the idea of putting guns into the hands of the immature, excitable and perhaps alcohol-addled borders on madness.”

…to which I responded:

“And to my African-born mind, you’re full of shit. If 21-year-old college students are still that immature that they aren’t to be trusted with guns, perhaps we should raise the voting, driving and drinking age to 25.”

Someone was talking about Catholic schools, and that reminded me of a perennial thought:

“What I always enjoyed was Catholic schools using the Viking as a mascot for their sports teams. Talk about short memories…”

Finally, on the topic of “hydration”, someone was extolling the virtues of water, whereupon I commented:

“Last time I drank more than a mouthful of straight water was… actually, I can’t remember the last time I drank more than a mouthful of straight water. Yuck. Revolting stuff.”

My preferred method of ingesting water is when it’s in solid form and surrounded by Scotch or gin.

And now it’s time for my morning cuppa.



  1. Crikey old son, you ought not drink water. Full of yucky stuff. After all, fishes ( engage in sexual congress) in water!

  2. Now, now. Drinking straight water is perfectly fine. A few drops in your scotch helps wake it up and bring out the aromatics.

  3. water and 7up have conspired to induce me to ingest more whiskey than should be humanly possible.
    7 n 7 is my go to these days.

  4. Water? Never touch the stuff. Black coffee first, beer, wine and spirits later. (Later can be as soon as, “I’ve tasted this coffee and it needs some irish whiskey.”)

  5. Uh-huh. And do you have cramps and backache?

    Seriously, not hydrating is bad. I speak as an old fart who doesn’t drink enough water, and pays for it, regularly.

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