What The Hell?

Okay, will somebody ‘splain to me why so many women are having sex with underage boys these days? Here’s one:

A British mother-of-three who performed a “dreadful catalog” of sex acts with underage boys was sentenced to seven years’ in prison on Friday. The court heard that Amanda Tompkins performed a ‘striptease’ and sexually abused the boys while her own children were inside the house. The 39-year-old was sentenced for 10 counts of physical and sexual abuse of six boys.
According to reports by the Mail Online and the Mirror, the court heard that Tompkins invited the group of boys between the ages of 13 and 15 to her home, furnishing them with marijuana and alcohol, before engaging them in oral sex and full-on intercourse. She also told one of the boys that he’d gotten her pregnant and that she needed an abortion.

Really? And then there’s this priceless princess:

A young teacher has been criminally charged with having sex multiple times with a 15-year-old student – and may be pregnant by him. Katherine Ruth Harper, 27, was arrested in Denton County, Texas, after the boy told police about their alleged relationship.

A police arrest warrant says she sent naked photos to the boy and drove to his house where she plied him with alcohol and engaged him in sexual congress.
The warrant includes the boy’s explicit description of one sexual encounter: “One thing led to another and she told me to ‘put it in’ and I did,” he said.
Harper allegedly taught the boy when he was younger, but he later moved schools.
The warrant claims the lovers repeatedly had sexual intercourse during the 2016 summer vacation.
Their amorous relationship allegedly ran from the beginning of July and ended on July 31st – eight months ago.
Harper is now eight months pregnant – though the legal documents do not comment on the child’s paternity.

She has been charged with conducting an improper relationship between an educator and student – a second-degree felony which carried a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison.

Now I have to admit that in the past I was one of those “Where were these teachers when I was in school?” guys. But there’s something deeply disturbing about older women giving young boys booze and drugs, then having it off with them.

What angers me the most about these cases is that so few of these women get serious jail time — in fact, they generally escape with suspended sentences. And we all know that if the roles were reversed and it was older men doing the same with underage girls, there’d be strident calls from womyns and feministicals for castration or worse.

Here’s the thing: in this country, the law should apply equally to everybody, regardless of race, creed, color or gender. In fact, that’s actually what the U.S. Code states. Except that women in the last category are getting away with it. (The British bitch in the first snippet is only going to get seven years in prison, because Britain. I bet she gets sprung after one or two.)

Back in the U.S., I won’t be happy until tarts like the Harper woman in the second snippet actually get twenty-year sentences, and serve most of them. Because this is bullshit.

But I’m still trying to see what motivates these women to do what they do because honestly, I’m stumped.


  1. Most of these women seem to be teachers. Maybe they believe that they can control the boys a lot easier than a grown man. Like you I am an older man. When I was a kid this did not happen. A male child molester here and there but never a woman.
    You are right that women are getting off light.

    1. harp1034, I remember a case like that several years ago here in Tennessee; the teacher got off with zero incarceration time because “she was too pretty to go to jail”.

  2. “And we all know that if the roles were reversed and it was older men doing the same with underage girls, there’d be strident calls from womyns and feministicals for castration or worse.”

    Unless it’s Roman Polanski. Then it’s not “rape” rape.

    In regard to the uptick in this sort of thing, I would speculate that it has to do with the War on Adulthood. This is the flip side of the dude who gets a divorce, hair plugs, and a convertible. Both are trying to deny adulthood.

  3. I suspect women have always been involved in this kind of behavior. Not sure if there has been an increase in it, but I am fairly confident in saying that this probably has been going on since forever. What I think has changed is that we are hearing more and more about it. Why? Social media and cell phone. If you read these cases, the one thing that they all have in common is the perps were caught via social media evidence, or via cell phone texts and photos and calls. That means your average teen boy who is involved with these women has a phone that is just lying around for parents, teachers, older siblings, to find and expose what is going on. Plus the cell phone and social media allows for the sharing of these texts and photos from the women to other teens, increasing the chance that someone will stumble upon them and blow the whistle. Technology, ain’t it grand?

  4. ISTR an instance of this when I was in HS. Senior year, I believe. No one seemed to care. The teacher wasn’t much to look at, and neither was the young man. This would have been in the early 80’s.

  5. It could be a combination of the above, or wymyn b.s. like “empowering” or maybe just plain corruption of innocence. Yes, they’re sickos and should undergo therapy – except the DSM has been rewritten so that just about everything is considered “normal” nowadays because H8R!

    At any rate, these are women who can’t handle real men. Sad!

  6. Shit, look at the dating pool. These women may just be trying to find someone who hasn’t had the manhood sucked out of them yet.

  7. “Now I have to admit that in the past I was one of those “Where were these teachers when I was in school?” guys.”

    But no woman ever said “Where were these teachers when I was in school?” when it’s a dirty old man seducing a teenage girl.

    That’s why “so few of these women get serious jail time”. The situations are not symmetrical. Girls get lots of sexual offers – they have to struggle to stay chaste. Boys get almost no offers – they struggle to get sex.

    Adult woman with underage male is so contradictory to the normal “marketplace of sex” that it doesn’t inspire a standard response.

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