Just Curious

I see that Amazon is facing an attack from the Usual Suspects who demand that they stop selling this Halloween costume.

But this isn’t about that, although I think it’s funny as hell (the protest, not the costume, which is kinda lame).

No, I’m curious to see if any of my Male Readers would be interested in getting one of these (my design and yes, I’ve trademarked it), which is guaranteed to trigger the LGBTOSTFU crowd:

Let me know, in Comments or by email, and I’ll get the thing rolling if the response is adequate.




  1. The alphabet club and diversity stasi has never realized 99% of the stuff they use, love and can’t do without, was invented by straight white men.
    That is what really amuses me about the “cultural appropriation” bullshit.
    They want their dreadlocks, ethnic food and slang?
    Fine. Let’s trade. We get electricity, medicine, and the Uffizi.

  2. I’d buy a t-shirt with that on it. I know a few other guys who would like one too.

    I used to have one that read “Politically Incorrect” on the front and “Free minds, free markets, free society” on the back.

    1. Meh, if you have to tell people that you are a straight white male, then you have some issues.

      1. Not the point, I’m not TELLING anyone, I’m PROCLAIMING it.

        You can proclaim yourself a woman, or black, or an illegal immigrant, or a Muslim, or gay, or transgender and be praised for your courage. But proclaim yourself a straight white man and you’ll be excoriated. Well, excoriate away SJWs. I’m sick of everyone else coming out of the closet and insisting I take up residence therein. “You do you” never seems to extend that far.

        1. First off, sorry, I meant that to be a general comment but apparently I inadvertently hit reply to your post.

          As for sexual orientation, I do not really care to hear about anyone else’s proclivities and do not care to get vocal about my own. My general feeling is that getting vocal about such a thing is a rather obvious sign that you know what you are doing is wrong and you are seeking reassurance from the crowd so to speak. I see no reason to join that activity; I think most heterosexuals think similarly which is why you do not see a lot “straight pride” anything.

          As for “white” – I can’t say I spend a lot of time thinking about being white per se. I am first and foremost an American, I have been around enough to see that I have more in common with a middle class American of some other race than I do with some middle class German (and I am first generation here, my father was born and raised in Germany). To the degree I think about race, I guess it would be German, white is a made up race in the same way that Hispanic is as far as I am concerned. Still, who cares.

          I get the “screw you” to the haters, and I sympathize with the concept – joining such would very much not be me.

  3. Shouldn’t you add conservative to that list

    That just might help trigger a few more SJWs

    1. Mr. FM (and welcome back, by the way):
      If I added “conservative” to the design, the tee shirts could only be made available in size 4x.

  4. The “M” in the Mars symbol is redundant, but I like how “straight” is connoted by turning the symbol to be more erect.

    I’m not white, so the shirt would not accurately describe me…but it might be even more triggering to more people that way.

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