Dept. of Righteous Shootings

As I’ve said earlier, I have little interest in firing up old themes in this, the latest incarnation of my rants and scribblings.


When I see joyous news snippets like this one, I have no alternative but to announce the return of the Department of Righteous Shootings, wherein I catalog the efforts of private, law-abiding citizens to drain the gene pool of miserable criminal scumbags. Here’s the latest:

Authorities in Oklahoma are investigating after a man armed with an AR-15 opened fire on three intruders who forced their way into his mother’s Broken Arrow home Monday afternoon.

According to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, the three suspects were pronounced dead at the scene and a fourth suspect, who acted as the getaway driver, is now in police custody.

Three shots fired, three goblins dead. Somebody buy Our Hero a marksmanship badge.

But that’s not the best report out of this little comedy. Try this one:

The grandfather of one of the three armed home invaders who were shot and killed breaking into a home in Broken Arrow (OK) earlier this week laments that the resident’s AR-15 carbine wasn’t fair against the knife and brass knuckles carried by the mask-wearing criminals.

You can all stop that unseemly laughing now. No… on second thoughts, carry on.

Dead Goblin Count: 3


  1. This is a worthy re-addition to your site, especially with your colorful commentary.

  2. The media response would have been completely different if the poor “youths” had not been White. One of them looks to be mystery meat. The other two are obviously White. If it had been 3 dindus, the MSM would be in full outrage mode, looking to punish the shooter and pushing to outlaw “assault rifles”. Nobody complaining about Whites getting killed, though.

    1. I wonder if said grandfather would be complaining as hard about the gun vs. knife thing if it had been his wife/girlfriend/whatever with the gun and the three “youths” with the knives and brassknuckles had been breaking into his house.

      I’m going to guess the answer would be “no”.

  3. Seems silly to say, but you never bring a knife (or brass knuckles) to a gunfight…

  4. There was more to this story. the getaway driver, a female, fled when #3 stumbled out of the house prior expiration. She had 3 kids in the car with her. Would bet she was supporting daddy #1, #2 and #3 in this enterprise.

    this is a good them to resurrect. I have missed it over the years of silence.

    1. Here’s hoping that the children in the ‘get-away’ vehicle weren’t already so damaged as to not be past molding into decent individuals by a proper upbringing. I know from whence I speak on this that the ‘cut-off” age is earlier than you might think. I’m working diligently to straighten out a grandson who’s now under the care of my sweetheart and myself – and it’s an uphill battle. The tyke in question is 5 going on juvenile delinquent. :-/ It wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t very bright, and quite charming (at least, most of the time). Unfortunately, it’s going to be an uphill battle given the environment he came from. I just hope the kids alluded to above aren’t beyond recovery.

  5. A bit different from the usual “my baby didn’t do nothing”, but still the same old crap.
    No, the reason your “baby” is dead is because you were a terrible parent and a terrible influence. Your baby is dead, and you set them on that road.

    I’m not sorry your grandson is dead- the little turd got exactly what he deserved, and thankfully early enough so he didn’t become a long term drag on us via prison.

  6. If I ever have to face three young thugs armed with knives and brass knuckles, I certainly hope to have something like an AR-15 available to deal with them. I don’t have an AR, but I do have other implements which would serve the purpose.

  7. An AR-15 certainly served the purpose but I think a better choice for home defense would be a short barrel 20 ga pump with a pistol grip pumping out #1 or #2 steel shot. Advantages are it’s quick to the target, doesn’t require as much accuracy, lacks over-penetration, and the sound it makes racking in a shell usually scares goblins shitless.

    But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

    1. I’ve become more partial to the idea of AR over the shotgun for home defense:
      -less recoil
      -less chance of “short stroking” the pump
      -less chance of forgetting to operate the pump for followup shots
      -more accurate
      -more shots
      There’s a reason SWATies go for AR’s a good part of the time, and leave the shotguns for breeching or beanbag rounds.

  8. Wow. This brings back memories. I think the DRS was the reason I started reading your blog in the first place. Nice to have this back.

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