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I don’t have a Twatter account, and only read it occasionally when it’s linked inside something else.

But this series of exchanges was priceless.

Former Obama official:

…followed immediately by:

There are more, but I’m laughing too much.

Of course, there’s the inevitable response from the Usual Suspects:

Minneapolis, Minnesota, city officials say the city will “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and “replace” the agency.

That’s going to end well.  And:

Lemme go out on a limb here, and suggest that there’s a great deal of overlap between what we think is Biden’s 15% and the wannabe defunders.


  1. Well…..let’s not be too hasty here. Continuing the thought…..

    “Defunding” the police, while not specifically stating so, means “abolishing” because: 1) Ain’t nobody gonna work for nothin’; 2) No money means no 911 Dispatch, so who you gonna call? 3) Even if someone answers the call, how they gonna get to you with no gasoline for the police car they didn’t buy? And, since no one is getting arrested, there’s no need for a jail. Or criminal courts. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

    (Thoughtful question: If the police are defunded – as in “no longer a budget line on the municipal budget” does that mean I get that tax money back?)

    So, does abolishing the police mean everyone starts behaving respectfully and using their indoor voice? Um, maybe; but, a couple hundred thousand years of human history on the planet says “probably otherwise.” Then, what does one do if one has “stuff” deserving of preservation. Like, say, a “home” with “furniture” or a “business” with “assets”. Or, maybe, say, a “life”? Hmmmm. A conundrum.

    At first blush, then, it would seem protection of such things falls to the individual citizen (which, truth be known, is really where it’s been all along, despite refusal to acknowledge it by The Powers That Be). Glenn Reynolds has, frequently, noted that “police exist to not only protect the citizens from the criminals, but to protect the criminals from the citizens.”

    This creates a delightful social condition known reverently as “Game On,” in which, faced with threats, potential or realized, the Individual Citizen resolves them himself (or herself, we’re equal opportunity here). Sometimes up close and personal at the “Point of Inflection,” sometimes 400 meters out as a prophylactic measure. Sometimes, maybe, from 30,000 feet (there are still 92 fully active B-52Gs in the arsenal, each capable of hauling – and releasing – 86 Mark 82s (500 lb General Purpose Bomb, HE, 1 each, contact fuze); if you had the luxury of seeing the plowing job an ArcLight or Linebacker raid performed with only 6 planes you’d start drawing target circles on a map of your hometown right now. A level of destruction Curtis LeMay and Ira Eaker couldn’t even imagine. “High Altitude Urban Renewal.” Catchy slogan. And, those 52s could do at least 2 sorties a day. We’ve got the ordnance.).

    The point being, when the citizens are fully and completely responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their own asses ain’t gonna be such a thing as “tolerance for bad behavior” and the consequences are going to be immediate, severe and final. No cops, so who’s going to arrest you ? Overly severe response ? What bureaucratic structure will exist to exact punishment ? (And, if you, um, “adjust” the bureaucratic structure to a more citizen-congenial performance level, just how much complaining will occur?)

    If one attended school, old schools, where real stuff was taught, and paid attention, one may remember we went through something like this at least once before. It was called “The Medieval Period” and its salient feature was “rule by the strongest.” The biggest, baddest people – all men, by the way, because human physiology dictates, Hollywood scriptwriting to the contrary, women don’t have anywhere near the upper (or lower, either) body strength of men. So the 6’4″ 240 lb guys got all the food and all the pussy, whenever they wanted it (at least until they encountered a 6′ 6″ 270 lb guy or another 6′ 4″ guy who had friends. Then the food and pussy changed ownership.). Replacing broadswords with AR-10s changes the equation somewhat, but the principle remains the same. It’ll be bloody. (And, AR-10s are overkill for the Soi-Boy Vegans populating Antifa, 5.56 will work fine for them and it’s cheaper.

    All that said, I’m hard pressed to see where 5 or 10 years of that would be A Bad Thing. A lot of problems would get corrected. One way or another. Everyone ready?

  2. You can make an excellent argument for reforming the police.

    Abolishing? Eh, not so much.

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