False Alarm

Every time an election rolls around, we get this kind of notice:

The much-hyped Suffolk poll of black voters in two major swing states has been released, and it’s not exactly good news for Joe Biden. According to the results, the incumbent is in a markedly worse position this time around compared to 2020.

In the state of Michigan, Biden pulls in just 55 percent of the total black vote, with Donald Trump taking 15 percent.

…and yet, when the actual results are in, the Black vote is as solidly Socialist as always was.

In fact, here’s my take on this.  If Biden (or whoever the Socialist candidate ends up being)  pulls less than 66% of Michigan’s Black vote total in Election 2024, I’ll give up coffee for a week.

One has to wonder just exactly what has to happen for Blacks to wake up to the reality that the Democrat Party doesn’t give a flying fuck for their welfare, only for their vote.


  1. I suspect that black voters do, in fact, vote more heavily for R candidates than they used to, but when those votes are counted, they end up with around 80% D candidates. Nobody questions it because “blacks always vote Democrat” and you can’t question that without being labelled racist.

  2. Spencer Quinn nails it on Counter-currents.com:

    “As I have stated several times before, Democrats above all indulge blacks in their bad behavior. This allows blacks to occupy and control large portions of cities, since the crime, homelessness, drug addiction, and chaos they typically engender keeps most non-blacks away. In an almost ecological sense, the symbiotic relationship between Democrats and blacks provides the latter with territory which they then leverage into prestige on the national level. This, along with whatever free stuff the Democrats offer, means far more to the average black than tax cuts, low unemployment, abortion bans, gun rights, and whatever else Republicans like to bleat on about. This also explains why most blacks oppose gentrification. Unchecked gentrification leads to nicer neighborhoods, which invariably leads to more non-blacks moving into formerly black neighborhoods, which in turn will result in less territorial control for blacks.

    I call this the Chocolate City Thesis, and it explains why blacks consistently vote Democrat.”

  3. “… I’ll give up coffee for a week.”

    That should produce some truly epic copy for the website.

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