Usual Response

When the Left wins elections (even through fraud), conservatives mutter darkly and go back to work.

When it’s conservatives (“right-wing”) who win elections, the Left goes all hair in fire, e.g.:

French police across the country have launched tear gas at furious activists protesting the far-Right’s massive gains in the European Union elections over the weekend.

Marine Le Pen’s hardline National Rally party won a sweeping victory on Sunday night, taking home 32% of the vote during the election, the first time the continent has voted since 2019.

Of course, the French are revolting (“Always have been, dear heart” murmurs Mr. Free Market) as their collective temper has a hair-trigger at the best of times.  Hell, I remember a time when the loss of an international rugby match got ten thousand angry Frogs parading around the Parc des Princes stadium, screaming “Demission au selecteurs!”

So it can hardly come as a surprise that the Frog Commies would be the first to lose their shit, just at the possibility that their “progressive” agenda may be interrupted by the will of the people.  (Note that it’s only a possibility;  I’ve read the National Rally’s manifesto and it sounds like something JFK’s Ted Sorenson might have written.)

It makes the prospect of a Trump electoral victory in November all the more inviting, dunnit?


  1. we are far too kind to these rioters. Bring out the fire hoses, pepper spray etc. If they keep destroying people’s property then break out the shotguns

    1. Poor leftist snowflakes can’t stand consequences or reality.
      It’s what they have lacked for decades. Give it to ’em, more harder!

  2. “Demission au selecteurs”

    I can put this through Google Translate, but I can’t make sense of the result – especially not in the context of a rugby match. Or is it not about rugby, but a call for the resignation of the voters?

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